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Music and Art

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Before you begin...

It is important to not be judgemental when viewing art or listening to music - especially that which is produced by children. An off-hand comment can nip a budding genius before they can bloom.
Always encourage the creativity, but do not fall into the trap of just saying that you like everything your Jr. DaVinci or Mini Motzart produces - kids can see through false compliments ever so well.
Discuss the work - ask them what they were thinking about, tell them what you like about it, offer suggestions without the requirement that they be taken.
Do not insist that they see things the same way you do, or that "trees are green and the sky is blue"....it is their own unique vision that makes them artists...your job is to give them the tools, the time to use them, and permission to go outside the lines.

Who knows....
You may be able to escape the fate of a retirement home in your later years because your kid made a mint playing improvizational Jazz on the street corner or painting graphiti-style murals for an international banking consortium.....hmmmm....


History of the Arts Links:

The Homeschooling of Andrew Wyeth Learn about another homeschooler - a famous artist!
Artist Quest Outline for a study of Geography and History through the lives of famous artists.
Inside Art Explore a painting by solving a mystery - with teacher resources
A. Pintura - Art Detective Art History disguised as a fun detective adventure - with teacher resources
The Piano - History and Construction
The National Museum of Women in the Arts

Tools and Technique Links:

Before you buy that "cheap guitar"... A few pointers on how to buy your child an instrument instead of a wall decoration.
"Total Classical Guitar Method (tm)" Free on-line Classical Guitar Lessons for beginning guitarists, and for guitarists who already play another style.
Theory Without Tears Does the term "Music Theory" set your nerves on edge? Not anymore! A clear and good humoured introduction to what it really is. From "The Online Guitar College"
Easy Music Theory FREE online course designed to give you some rudimentary knowledge of the basic concepts of music
Children's Music Web
K-12 Resources for Music Educators
NoteCard a Freeware program you can download to learn to read, and instantly recognize musical notes, fast.
Aaron Douglas, Painter How does an artist's perspective affect what they paint? See the 'activity' link
Coyote Creek Art Lessons For Children - award-winning instructional videotapes for purchase. Used both in schools and homes
Crayola Art Education Lesson Plans
Disney Art Lessons requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Early Childhood Art Lessons
High School Art Lessons More from The Incredible Art Department
The Art Teacher Connection Lesson plans and curriculum ideas for using the Internet
Art Lessons With A Purpose K-5 Fun Stuff!
Karen Kunc, Printmaker Find o ut how Lava, Floods and Earthquakes affect the works of this artist!
Sanford Art EDventures Create, study, play and teach art
The Doodle Dude Online cartooning lessons
Online Conservatory Take live interactive music lessons over the Internet! The software is free when you register. (You must have a MIDI capable browser and keyboard - requirements are listed at the link site)
the@RT Room
Elementary Art Lessons Many lessons to choose from at The Incredible Art Department
Explore Art Art Lessons - unit study - two 12 lesson sets from a homeschooling mom - looks great!
Ask Jeeves For Kids Easy, Fast, Safe place for kids to get answers on the net
KinderArt art lesson plans: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, multicultural art, cross curricular art lessons, coloring pages, fabric assemblage and more
Latter-Day Family Resources Art books - good stuff!
The Piano on the Net beginning through advanced lessons and more - and be sure to check out the World Peace through Connectivity poster!
ArtsEdge - lesson plans, units, and other ideas for classroom teaching in the arts - from The Kennedy Center
The Greater Syracuse Pops Youth Orchestra - teaches you to read music!
Art for the Artistically Challenged - from Core Knowledge Foundation - k-6
Music 101guitar chords, music theory and more
Music Education Online A must see!
MusicNet interactive Music Education encyclopedia, tips from professionals, contests and games

Creativity Links:

Winter Art Cut and weave some great designs for beautiful decorations and gifts!
Autumn Art Gather leaves from trees in your area and have fun making some beautiful art!
Learn2 Make Homemade Papergreat project from Learn2.com
The Idea BoxEarly Childhood Education & Activity Resources - GREAT!
Imagination Factory art/recycling Web site for kids, parents, and teachers
Art For Kids - From The Mining Company
Salt Dough Sensations recipe and ideas for all sorts of creations

Reference Links:

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Webmuseum, Paris
Exploring Leonardo
World Art TreasuresTravel the world by studying each civilization's wonders of art
Museum on the Web Incredible access to artists and their works
Perspective Drawing
Art Web Sites Wide variety - Lots of wonderful stuff!
Ask Eric Arts Lesson Plans
Eric's Treasure Trove of Music definitions and more
Alphabetical List of Artists - sometimes this site is difficult to get to, but well worth your perseverance
The Piano - History and Construction
Violin Construction
The Music Stand - Nobody listens to Classical Music, right? Wrong! Check out the origins of a whole lot of popular music.
Classical Net Home Page
The Classical Midi Archive look and listen
The Internet Piano Page look and listen some more

Some Just Incredible Stuff:

IAIA Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development


Do you get the "But I *CAN'T* draw!" excuse? Check THIS out!


Recommended Reading:

The Usborne First Book Of The Keyboard - covers rythm, musical sounds, reading music, fingering, etc. - if you have a keyboard at home, this is a great book for getting the kids (of *any* age) started.

The Drawing Course Vol.1 - Learning to See And Draw by Gaspare de Fiore - Studying the techniques of the old masters for working methods and a personal style. (some of the works studied do have nudity)

Beginning Drawing - From Grumbacher - combining shapes to make pictures, cartoon style - ages 10-13

Planet Dexter's PHOTOPACK - the package includes a working model camera, and has easy to understand info, suggestions for activities to practice the skills, and space to mount your own photos. Fun and informative.

Drawing With Children - Mona Brookes - Monart - A Course in Enhancing Creative Capacity for Children and Adults - This is great stuff!

The ART Book - from Phaidon Press Limited - An absolutely gorgeous, huge A-Z guide to 500 great painters and sculptors from medieval to modern times - all periods, schools, visions and techniques - crossreferenced and with glossaries, this is a wonderful book for giving children a view of the breadth of styles

National Gallery of Art Activity Book - Maura A. Clarkin - 25 Adventures with Art - study the masters with puzzles, games, quizzes and hands-on activities - make your own art with collage, drawing, sculpture, action painting, flip book, construction and more.

Search BarnesandNoble.com for kids art

Search BarnesandNoble.com for kids music

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