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Approach Geography and History from a little different viewpoint this year!
Use the links below; books on art and artists; encyclopedias;
on-line artist information; globes; maps; atlases; online mapping services;
the public library, and anything else you can think of, to travel through time
and around the world through the eyes and lives of famous artists.


Here are some good Places to L@@K while you are on the Quest:
Some of these links are good for several different catagories.

The Artist Index
Alphabetical List of Artist
World Art Treasures

Glossary of Art Styles

Web Museum

Ask Eric - Arts
The Incredible Art Department
Enter the @rt Room
Explore Art
Kinder Art
Arts Edge

How Far Is It?
Yakko's World
E-Conflict World Encyclopedia

Sassafrass Grove History Page


PARENTS - Things to think about while you and your kids are on your quest:

All that art:
Look for biographies of artists available through the public libraries...these can give you a pretty good idea of who had it good and who had it high on the stress levels. By studying the times and occurances in the places the artist lived in, you can get a pretty good handle on what was influencing their lives at the time too; i.e. wars, plagues, prosperity, Monarch's favour, - things like that.

Visit local artists and exhibits - They will probably be glad to see you and answer questions about what they do.

Talk with your kids about what might motivate or limit an artist:

Ask your kids to think about what they like to do, draw or look at, and have them think about why they have the focus they do...then they can speculate on how the artist's interests are depicted in their choice of subject - i.e. - some artists were driven to express their love of G_D in their work and subsequently did strictly religious paintings; others were awed by the beauty of nature and painted vast numbers of landscapes; still others were driven by the need for money and painted anything they could sell; and some were "hired" by a King or Queen to paint strictly for the court; some were obsessed with one person and did copious amounts of work featuring the object of their focus.

Have the kids think about what sorts of things keep them from doing some of the things they think they would like to do - age, parental law (that's a good topic starter..8^), Public law, lack of knowledge, public opinion, lack of funds, willpower, etc. ...then they can consider what sorts of barriers the artist may have faced in his/her time - Religious persecution, moral standards clash, poverty, inability to travel, mental state, family status and the like.

It will be fun,
especially if your kids are like mine - constantly drawing, painting, constructing or rearranging something.
You may even get your kids thinking about how they can enhance their own lives through art.

The possibilities are endless,
so any path you choose is bound to lead to a lot of thinking. These sorts of things are important to consider when we look at other people, artists or 'peers'.


Have a great time traveling the world, experiencing history and getting to know the artists!


While you are on the quest,

art swirl Keep a journal - either individually or as a group - Make an entry every day or two.

art swirl List books read (title, author, classification - Fiction, Non-Fiction).

art swirl Put in information on the artist you find from answering the 'Quest'.

art swirl Include geographic information about the 'travel' involved.

art swirl Note any of your daily activities or experiences that you think worthy.

art swirl You can add :

art swirl Pictures of the artist

art swirl Maps showing your travels

art swirl Prints of the artistís work

art swirl Your own work in their style


1. Pick an Artist.

2. Find out their birthdate and birthplace.

3. Locate the birthplace on a map or globe.

4. Find a travel route from your home to that place by land or water routes.

5. Find out what life was like in that place at that time.

6. Where did the artist live and/or study in their life?

7. Find travel routes from the birthplace to this/these place(s).

8. Would life and travel have been different when the artist lived compared to ours now?

9. What sort of art did he/she produce?

10. Were they known for a particular style?

11. Learn about that style.

12. Were they successful during their lifetime?

13. How so, or why not?

14. When & where did the artist die?(If living, where are they now?) How old were/are they?

15. Travel the route there.

16. What sorts of things do you think most influenced this artist?

17. Can you find a place where the artistís work is displayed now?

18. Travel the route to get there. (You may be able to do this one in person!)

19. What do you like best about this artistís work?

20. Pick your next artist to study.

21. Travel to their birthplace from your last stop.


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