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NOTE: Try to get leaves that are not too dry. They should still give a little when
you bend them and not break easily. See how many colors you can find and try
to get different shapes. Look for nuts and seed pods too.

leaf Place a sheet of white paper over one of the leaves you have gathered. Take a piece of crayon, without its wrapper, turn it on its side, and color across the leaf. You will see the veins and outline of the leaf on your paper. Use this technique with more leaves and different colors on the same sheet of paper. Now, fold the sheet pf paper in half and you have a beautiful card to send someone. You can also make gorgeous wrapping paper this way!

leaf Take leaves you have gathered and glue them to a sheet of colored paper but leave the center of the paper open. After the glue has dried, put a picture of your favorite person or pet in the center. Add more leaves if you wish. You may be able to match the colors in your photo to the colors of your leaves.

leaf Sort your leaves by size. Starting with the largest leaf, glue them onto a sheet of colored paper. You can put them in a series of lines down the sheet, or make a spiral going into the center.

leaf Trace your leaves onto colored paper and then cut them out. you can make many paper leaves from just one gathered leaf pattern. Use the cut out leaves to decorate your book cover, bulletin board or your fall diary. Use them to make a frame on the refrigerator door to surround all your great fall artwork!

leaf Fill a glass bowl or wide mouth jar with a few leaves and the seed pods and nuts. This makes a great centerpiece for the dinner table!

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