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We have found a wealth of sites that your kids will love. They will have a wonderful time, and be getting an education while they are at it. Check out these links and get your kids in the swim...

lay, xplore, earn and have un!

Most of these sites have been tested by our 6yo, 11yo and 13 yo testers.
They asked such things as, "Does it have fun things like games to play?" and "Is it a fun and interesting place to go?"
Most sites rated in the "yyyyeessss!" to the "I want it on my page!" levels.
And, of course, Mom likes them or they wouldn't even be here! 8^)

Pattern Block Fun Java required
Sew Summer Fun
FREE Cloth Doll Patterns
Autumn Art Fun fall leaf projects!
Winter Art Weave some pretty holiday placemats!
The Doodle Dude and Scribble Brat Online art lessons for kids!
Keeping Your Preschooler Occupied Lots of Activity Ideas to help keep your preschool child busy too!
Let's Find Out! the Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia - you can enter your own search keywords to find out more about lots of subjects!
Lissa Explains It All HTML help - A kid's guide to building web pages!
Family Camping Lots of good info, links and ideas for outdoor family fun
Knots Learn to tie knots like a scout
Exploratorium Check out all this cool stuff!!
PBS Kids Backstage Lots of fun with your favorite PBS characters + show-times!
National Geographic ...'nuff said...
Mount Washington Observatory loads of weather info!
The Jason Project Deep sea exploring!
Fantastic Voyages wonderful stuff here!
Virtual Frog Disection Kit No formaldehyde, no mess, no retching!
LEGO - WOW! (get coffee now)(Girls World!)
Kratts Creatures from the PBS show
Houghton Mifflin's Education Place
The EPA's Explorers' Club
4Kids Treehouse
Mail-a-Meal Postcards! mmmmm...maybe you'll get some chocolates!
Free Stuff for Kids and Teachers
Wonder Korner The Question and Answer Place for Curious Kids
Summer Fun
Aunt Annie's Crafts
KidsCom an educational and entertaining electronic playground for kids 4 to 15
Absolutely Free Stuff For Kids and Parents
Kids Discovery Zone
Ask Jeeves For Kids Easy, Fast, Safe place for kids to get answers on the net
Camp YUCKY! Oh what icky fun! (and great learning!)
Milk Carton Bird Feeder Fun and easy way to recycle and make the winged ones happy
Cyber Camp from World Book Encyclopedia
All Mixed Up Games On-line games - Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, Slider, Connect 4, Othello, Ataxx
AMazeGame On-line mazes - great fun! (requires Java)
The Kids Zone lots of great games (requires Shockwave)
FunBrain Kids' Center! Lots of fun interactive games to hone your skills!

Ian's LEGO maniac page
Lydia's Beastie Mania page
Maddy's Jungle

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