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Hi there. I'm Ian. Welcome to my web page.

I've been playing with LEGO since I was two. I must have at least twenty sets now. I'm still saving up for more sets 'cause - Hey! - I'm a LEGO MANIAC!! (I bet at Christmas, I get some more LEGO)

I Like LEGO because it's fun to build with and you can make almost anything with it. I think LEGO is great.

Ever since I started playing with LEGO, I can't stop building with it. I know that even when I grow up I will still be a LEGO maniac.

If I ever get married, I will pass my LEGO down to my children. My children will pass it down to their children and so on - that is if it lasts that long.

I hope you have fun and excitment visiting these sites. If you know of any more good LEGO sites, e-mail me the link and I will put it on my web page.
Thanks for visiting!
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Some of my favorite things:

Some of my favorite links:

DID YOU KNOW THAT... some LEGO trivia I'm sharing
My other interests
Fibblesnork Lego Backgrounds cool brick backgrounds in cool colors
Kids Clubhouse
Official Worldwide LEGO site
American LEGO
The unofficial page of unofficial instructions for building with LEGO
Legopolis minifig generator
original LEGO creations
eToys present LEGO
My personal LEGO page
Animatronics! Jim Henson's Creature Shop

My Sister's Beastie Mania page
Sassafrass Grove

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