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What is it??

History is what we make of it - a personal comment.

History - the past frontier...

Distinguished Women of Past and Present
AlternaTime Timelines galore!!
A Tale of Three Cities Discover how life has - and hasn't - changed in the last 2000 years - from National Geographic
Exploratorium Magazine Where do Languages Come From?
Teach With Movies Guide sheets for many movies that can be used as teaching tools - great resource!
Artist Quest Outline for a study of Geography and History through the lives of famous artists
Oz's Kingdom A History Teacher's Page, this wonderful site has loads of interesting stuff - ancient to 20th century
Ask Jeeves For Kids Easy, Fast, Safe place for kids to get answers on the ne
Hyper-History Timelines from the Napoleanic War to the current decade
The History Place The Past into the Future
History for Homeschoolers WOW!! Don't miss this!
Dinosaurs in the Dunes
Download a Dinosaur Designs for cool, easy-to-make paper dinosaurs that you can download from this site and print out on your printer
All Through the Ages history through literature guidebook offer
Travel Through Times - 15,000,000 BC to present - Whew!
Redwood Games - see her 'History' section
The History Net - Where History Lives on the Web - Loads of good stuff here!
The Perseus Project - Tufts University - lots of good stuff!
Women in American History an excellent site!
History House - Wow!
Beautiful Feet Books History Through Literature
Someone in Time Match wits with other history seekers at Discovery Online
Where in Time is Carmen SanDiego? The PBS series with online fun and teacher's resources

Ancient Civilizations:

Choose Your Own Adventure Through History adventure-learning materials for social studies/ancient history
Ships of the Ancient GreeksArchaeology Sites, History Sites, Classics Sites, Museum Sites, Bibliographies, Syllabi, Articles, Lectures, Book Reviews, and Images
Stone Age Habitats
Mr Donn's Ancient History Page Units, Lesson Plans, Activities & Resources, Map Skills and more
De Imperatoribus Romanis An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
Roman Board Games
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Coloring Pages of Ancient Egypt
Coloring Pages of Ancient Greece
Rosetta Stone Coloring Book
Color Me Egypt
Inside the Pyramids
Secrets of the Lost Tomb New insight into the life of Ramesses the Great
Sepdet's Ancient Egypt Archives
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
The Ministry of Tourism, Egypt The Egyptian Tourist Authority
Ancient Rome - This is NOT a History Lesson! ?
Roman Calendar
The Mining Company - Ancient/Classical History - and lots more!
Viking Voyage 1000 Viking history - track a Viking voyage - truly cool spot!

Medieval to Modern History:

Medieval Renaissance History Guide at The Mining Company
Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites
The Labyrinth Medieval Studies
Tudor England
Columbus - voyages, writings, controversies, etc.
The Russian Revolution

US History:

Biographies of the Founding Fathers
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. From The National Civil Rights Museum. Take the virtual tour, and experience some of the earthshaking changes that our nation went through as many people fought to make it a better place for us all. January's Site of the Month!
USHistory.org - WOW!
Black History Museum From slavery to the Tuskegee Airmen, and WWII to the Million Man March
Jamestown - "The Colony Time Forgot" The Washington Post Article on the excavation of the earliest colony - It became a "deathtrap" in the year 1609, 384 years later, a middle aged man followed a hunch and the discoveries are extraordinary!
Historical American Costumes 1600s, 1700s, 1800s costumes - made by homeschooler, nice
Mayflower Web Pages by a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants
1492: An Ongoing Voyage Library of Congress, Washington, DC
1755 - The French and Indian War
American Revolutionary War Timeline People, Events, Documents and more
Archiving Early America 18th Century America - original newspapers, maps and writings
Ben Franklin Wow, again!
Betsy Ross Homepage all about the U.S. flag
Presidential Trivia Detroit Free Press trivia page with interesting facts and biographical details on each of the presidents
The Colonial History of Lexington
Colonial Williamsburg
From Revolution to Reconstruction view early American history documents
Historic Philadelphia
The Price They Paid signers of the Declaration of Independence and what fates befell them
MonticelloThomas Jefferson and his beloved home
Along the Trail With Lewis and Clark be there
The Oregon Trail
The Pioneer Skills Series learn how to do things the "old" way
The American West
Ghosts of the Goldrush the Klondike Gold Rush
History of Tecumseh and Tippecanoe "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!" in 1840
Chief Seattle's Reply In 1854, the "Great White Chief" in Washington made an offer for a large area of Indian land and promised a `reservation' for the Indian people. Chief Seattle's reply, reproduced here in full, has been described as the most beautiful and profound statement on the environment ever made.
WWW.CIVILWAR.COMhistory, timeline, battles, people, places, arts, documents and more
Andersonville movie review & very interesting essay by homeschooler, Bryan Lande. Good links to more Civil War sites.
Civil War info and links
The Great War World War I
The Great War Society All Aspects of the Great War and Its Effect on the 20th Century
WWI Trenches on the WebAn Internet History of The Great War
The Aerodome - Aces and Aircraft of WWI
Mildred Sawyer WWI Truck Testdriver
The New Deal
Summer of My German Soldier Study Guide
Grolier's World War II Commemoration

Suggested Reading:

Search BarnesandNoble.com for kids history

If You Lived (In Colonial Times, With the Souix Indians, etc.) - From Scholastic - an excellent series telling how children lived in other times

Afro-Bets - Book of Black Heroes From A to Z - by Wade hudson and Valerie Wilson Wesley

Children Just Like Me - A unique celebration of children around the world - by Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley

Keepers of the Earth - Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children - by Michael J Caduto and Joseph Bruchac

Knots on a Counting RopeA tale of Native American culture, with courage, hope, love and respect that touch universal aspects of humanity - by Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault

Native Americansfrom The Nature Company Discoveries Library

The American Girls Collection - From Pleasant Company - Historical Fiction featuring six different girls in six different periods of America's history - lots of related activities, dolls and clothing can add to the learning adventure (the books are reasonably priced, the dolls and accessories are rather pricey, but of very high quality)

FOR MIDDLE TO UPPER GRADES (or for Parents to read with early grades):
Everyday Life Through The Ages - from Reader's Digest, published in 1992 (384pp)
ISBN 0 276 42035 7
It takes you through 30,000 years, from early human tool and weapon makers (100,000-10,000BC), through to the 1900s. In two page bites at a time, it illustrates and illuminates the daily lives of people all over the world - What they wore, what they ate, their religions, their art, what their families, villages or cities were to them... (The type is rather small, to allow for so much information.) Illustrations abound. There is a final two-page entry entitled "The way it is now"...touching on the pivotal events of the 20th century, and a great section on "A-Z of Everyday Things", which gives origins and histories of many objects we use everyday - from adhesives to windows (*not* MS, LOL!), and more. It also has a good index, with expanded areas under many topics that provide some good cross-referencing. It is not written specifically for children, so lower level readers might find it difficult, but the information is consice, pretty interesting, and in small enough segments (2 pages) to be handled well if you or an older sibling are reading it to them. For a good glimpse at what people did in their day-to-day lives, this is an excellent resource.

Battlefields - Then and Now - by John Mann and Tim Newark - MacMillan, published in 1997 (144pp)
ISBN 0-02-861986-2
22 important battles in world history presented in an interesting format - present day photos of the battle sites with overlays illustrating the battles from the past. From Alexander the Great's conquering of Persia in 331BC to the Desert Storm conflict in 1991, the battles are graphicaly described, set in historical context and their impact on politics or military strategy is discussed.

The Century - for Young People - by Peter Jennings and Todd Bradshaw - excellent collection of personal stories on events of the 20th century, many from children's perspectives.

The Story of Mankind - by Hendrik Van Loon - winner of the 1922 Newberry Award (first awarded) is a treasure chest of history spiced throughout with van Loon's delightful pen and ink drawings. It is available in updated versions from various booksellers. This impressive book is also available, including the original illustrations, online at The Story Of Mankind

A History of the US - Joy Hakim- a review of the ten volume series that is becoming very popular.

Horrible Histories - The Awesome Egyptians, The Terrible Tudors, etc. from Scholastic History with all the nasty parts left in! Kids love these. Full of such icky truths as "Which king had the worst blackheads?" and other wonderfully awful historical facts that give the reader a pretty clear picture of the times - not just the pretty side. Fun!

The Life and Death of Crazy Horse - a balanced view of this important Sioux Leader's life - from Scholastic, by Russell Freedman

America Alive - A History - Jean Karl - A balanced view of America from the very earliest inhabitants to present

The West - An Illustrated History for Children - Dayton Duncan - Companion volume to the PBS Television series 'The West' - very interesting and full of photos from the early days of US History

Dorling Kindersley's History of the World - Plantagenet Somerset Fry - WOW! Beautifully illustrated - Starts about 570 million years ago and brings you up to the present - a timeline follows your progress through the book and ages - "A new approach to world history from an international standpoint"

The Core Knowledge Series - What Your (K-?)Grader Needs to Know - E.D.Hirsch Jr. - From Core Knowledge - This series covers many subjects as well as World History and US History in each grade-specific edition - very good

FOR OLDER STUDENTS (or for Parents to read with middle grades):
Asimov's Chronology of the World - Issac Asimov - Thoroughly researched, unbiased, indepth view of history spotlighting the political, scientific and social issues presented in the very readable, often humorous manner of one of our finest writers

The Circle of Life - Rituals from the Human Familly Album - absolutely incredible photos and insights into the everyday and exceptional lives of many cultures - edited by David Cohen

History of the Second World War - Liddell Hart - a thorough and balanced view

Lies My Teacher Told Me - James W. Loewen - somewhat dry but very enlightening - pulls the covers off some disturbing truths - no whitewash here

Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey - Lillian Schlissel - The Westward movement through the eyes and hearts of women who made the harrowing journey - poignant photographs help keep the memories alive

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"History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon."
- Napoleon Bonaparte

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