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Welcome to my humble page with (I hope) useful and interesting
items for friends, music lovers, and musicians--particularly fellow keyboardists.
Thanks for visiting!

Some samples of my music are
here in MP3 format for your listening enjoyment(!).
Most material was gleaned from my days with Area 51,
locally "known for their great music and big sound." (Rivercity Times, Issue 2)
All tracks were recorded at Digital Labs Studio
with guitar solos by one of Southeast Missouri's finest pickers, Steve Pirtle.

Enjoy your visit!

Meanwhile, click here to see what's new: latest gigs, photos, and MP3s.
Or, click here to view my photo scrapbook...

(Equipment that I currently use or have used and recommend.)

  • Yamaha Digital Pianos, Portable Keyboards & Synthesizer Categories
  • Hamer Guitars, "Building excellence since 1973."
  • Moog Music Custom Engineering - Buffalo NY
  • Horizon Music...get your cables here!
  • Legendary Hafler Audio.
  • Peavey Electronics Corporation
  • Alesis Online
  • Kurzweil Music Systems..."Hearing is Believing"
  • Roland Corporation U.S.
  • Shure, industry standard mics...
  • JBL speakers and more...
  • Mackie power amps etc.
  • Cakewalk Pro Audio software.

  • Swifton Vito, drummer at large...
  • 10-49, "the #1 most requested Live Band in the area!"
  • Decade (featuring Steve Pirtle)
  • Nothing Said

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  • Instapundit
  • The Right Wing Nuthouse and the Left Wing Nuthouse.
  • Moonbat Central: Arianna Huffington's Group Blog for Celebrity Leftists, The Huffington Post.

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  • The Kerry Livgren Page. Kerry was the heart and soul of Kansas.
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