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Digital Labs Studio was located in rural Cape Girardeau County...a beautiful setting and a fine place to record.

Here's a view of the control room: two digital consoles linked via MIDI to the recording computer.
The computer itself (at this time) was a dual Pentium III with multiple 10000RPM SCSI hard disk drives
capable of up to 256 tracks. It didn't take long to cut a CD with this set up!

Here's a photo of Area 51 (Version 1.0) in the studio...

Left to right: Rich Comeau (bass guitar), "Tiny" Allen May (drums), and Dallas Hickerson (Keyboards).

Sadly, Digital Labs' Owner/Engineer/Producer Rich Comeau died in March, 2001, after a tough battle with cancer. (You can view his obituary here.)

Mr. Comeau is terribly missed. He was a good friend, a talented musician, and a fine Recording Engineer. I'll always remember him this way...

For more photos of Rich and Area 51, Click here