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Stephen Pirtle's Workshop

     An Independent Instrument Repair Company


Making A Change !!!!!!




* What is our workshop and what do we offer that music stores can't ?

* Company History 

* Repair Pricing Info / Before and After Pics and More!

* Contact Information

* Favorite Links


Workshop Information

What does independent repair do for you?  You get complete attention devoted to your instrument instead of someone trying to sell you another one.  We are proud of our work and we guarantee you will be too!  And as a member of N.A.P.B.I.R.T. we have the worlds largest repair technicians organization standing right beside us!

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Contact Information

E-mail address

Snail-mail address

Stephen Pirtle's Workshop

2226 James Street

Scott City, MO 63780

Office phone



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Store Info 

* Woodwind Repair (Prices)

* Brass Repair

* A Peek At Some Of Our Work  

* Listen to my music page


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A Brief History of the Company

After becoming a repair technician I spent 10 years working in one of the largest music stores in the mid west before opening my repair shop.  During those 10 years one of the things I noticed was that as a customer you were at the mercy of the music store.  And you are at a greater mercy if the music store is the only one in your area.  Every music store would prefer selling you one of their instruments instead of repairing yours because, as a retail store, that's how they stay in business.


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Favorite Links

* N.A.P.B.I.R.T.

* The Decade Band

* Dallas Hickerson 

* Secure Tech Security Systems For The Home And Office  


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