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This page was last Updated
March 3, 2007

Guest Writers:

"The Hockey Game" - by KK60

"Handler's Dilemma" by Tamysan

Stories Not Within DODW:

NEW Songfic: "I Would Die For You"

"The Robeast Incident"

"Guardian Angel" an alternate L/A story

"The Trouble With Crystal Balls"

"The Christmas Ball"

Dancing On Dark Water is in progress!
Chapter 1: The Auora Quasar
Chapter 2: The Hand of Chaos
Chapter 3: Feral Times
First Prelude: Disaster, Rescue Plans, & Survival
Chapter 4: Phantasm
Chapter 5: A Time of Serenity?
Chapter 6: Tranquil Times
Chapter 7: Reunion
Chapter 8: Repercussions
Chapter 9: A Tryant's Values
Chapter 10: Reckless Hostilities


By Erinn

By Sarah

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