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Middle Eastern: Egyptian Outreach


"Walk like an Egyptian..ay oh...ay oh!" these are just some of the words from the popular song back in the 80's by the ?-I forgot already! Anyways, when I (Sal) think of Egypt, I think about the Pyramids and the movie "Ten Commandments"

UMM Connection

Salaam Milakim-Hello in Arabic! I (Sal) met 2 international students that lived in Egypt, whose parents are from Kuwait, and they shared some of their experiences there. This was probably the first interaction with someone from this region. Then just a month ago, I actually met a guy who was born there when I was in downtown St. Paul for the Winter Carnival: Ice Palace.

Biblical History

-Garden of Eden (Genesis)

Did you know that the "Garden of Eden" might've been in Egypt? It was called Cush back then. See Blue Letter Bible!

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  • -Abraham taking Sarai (wife) to hide in Egypt
    "And it came to pass, when he was come near to enter into Egypt, that he said unto Sarai his wife, Behold now, I know that thou [art] a fair woman to look upon"-Genesis 12:1 (Blue Letter Bible)


    From "Walking the Bible" (with Bruce Feiler-PBS), Feiler goes into St. Catherine's Monastery in Mt. Sinai, Egypt. Feiler shares about the "manna" mentioned in Genesis, which is from a tree in Mt. Sinai according to the area citizens..."manna-producing tamarisk trees".. Sinai & The bible (from Beodenhimer)

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    I'm teaching ESL in Morris, which we are using a software program called Rosetta Stone. I decided to research on where the name of this program...

    Ancient Egypt

    Reccomended Resources


  • Prince of Egypt an animated movie by Dream Works

  • This short version of "Ten Commandments" tells the story of Moses, a Hebrew-Jewish adopted by Egyptians, who is used by God to deliver his people from bondage and slavery....

    "And Moses said unto God, Who [am] I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?"-Exodus 3:11


    Christians in Egypt killed


    A radical Egyptian terrorist changed from a murderous �Saul� to a forgiving �Paul� after Jesus Christ visited him in a soul-penetrating dream. This hater of both Christians and Jews set out to discredit the Bible, but instead, he was transformed when Jesus appeared to him and changed his heart. (in Arabic * 28:51 minutes)
    *see Dreams and Islam


  • Monuments and Sight Seeing Attractions, from Tour Egypt
  • 101 Ways to Change the World
    "We believe every single person has the power to make a tremendous difference in our world. Too often we're just not sure what to do, how to help, or how or where to get started. These 101 ideas will propel you to get started, and then guide you as you move forward. No matter where you live; how much money you make (or don't make); whether you are healthy or sick; whether you are young or old; whether you are busy or have a lot of free time - YOU can make a difference! Take a minute and watch our exclusive flash movie. THANKS! You'll never be the same!"
    *With God's help!

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