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St. Paul Winter

"Like the coolness of snow at harvest time is a trustworthy messenger to those who send him; he refreshes the spirit of his masters."-Proverbs 25:13

Below are pictures taken on the cold (0 degrees) late morning (around 11am) of Monday, January 19th 2004 after dropping off my sister at work in downtown St. Paul.


As I was listening to KTIS 98.5 FM, they mentioned that they already have put over 20,000+ blocks of ice. 5,000 is left to be put on by Thursday this week when they have their Opening Ceremonies in start of the Winter Carnival.

Live Web Cam View

This will be the first ice palace that visitors can walked though, which they used concrete slabs and other materials for safety strong foundation issues.

2004 Ice Palace

North Side taken from the Minnesota History Center

Northwest opposite of the St. Paul Cathedral

closer West sideview of the construction

West sideview from the Holiday Inn parking lot

Southwest corner on Kellog Boulevard and ? from the car by the Xcel Energy Center

Southeast view from the car again before entering the tunnel to 94W.

East sideview close to the Dorthy Day Center

Wednesday, Janurary 21st

Southeast corner by the Xcel Energy Center on the corner of Kellog Blvd. and E. 7th St.

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