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Middle Eastern Outreach

"For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children."-Galatians 4:24

Salam-Hello in Arabic! I (Sal) have an uncle and cousin that both live in the Middle East. In fact, many Filipinos work overseas over in this region because of the vast employment opportunities that fit their hard working skills as nurses, maids, etc... My uncle lives in the United Arab of Emirates and my cousin lives in Saudi Arabia. These two were probably my first relation to the Middle East region.

It wasn't until college-UMM, when I really encountered and meet people from the Middle East. One of the presidents of the International Student Association (student organization) was of Middle Eastern-Kuwaiti background. From him and others that attended UMM, I became more educated and exposed of this unique culture living in the Midwest-Minnesota.

Since meeting these guys and the continued exposure while at this rural college town, I've been interested in meeting people from this region. I continue to meet more after living in Morris-Motown through the college. For example, while attending the Summer Institute of Ministry Training School-Morris Community Church, we had a teacher one week that was a missionary in Lebanon. He shared some stories that made the inner-city violence of America look small.


I was watching this movie and found out Iranians are not Arab (just like Guatamalans are not Mexicans), so I decided to do some re"search" on this...

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  • Fact Monster, history
  • League of Arab States
  • I then began to reflect on the Bible and remembered how Persia (Iranians) was an enemy of Babylon (Iraq), which explains the dispute between Shiites and Sunnites. When the national borders of Iraq was drawn, "ignorant imperialists" did not take this difference of ethnic groups into consideration.

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  • *stores located in Central Ave. and Lake St. around downtown Minnepolis

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  • The Siege, an ironic somewhat "prophetic" pre-9/11 fiction movie (1998) of how N.Y. City gets attacked by Muslim "terrorist"
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  • *I love trying this, which I tasted this recently again at the Taste of Minnesota (July 06')


  • Wikipedia

  • "The term "Middle East" was originally coined by American naval strategist Alfred Thayer Mahan in 1902. During this time the British and Russian Empires were vying for influence in Central Asia, a rivalry which would become known as The Great Game. Mahan realized not only the strategic importance of the region, but also of its center, the Persian Gulf.[1][2] Mahan first used the term in his article "The Persian Gulf and International Relations", published in September 1902 in the National Review, a British journal. Mahan labeled the area surrounding the Persian Gulf as the Middle East, and said that after the Suez Canal, it was the most important passage for Britain to control in order to keep the Russians from advancing towards India.[3]


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    ...Some experts see their clumsiness as the product of nondenominational churches lacking the resources for proper training programs. Others suggest that the culprits are "short termers" who don't stay in the region long enough to witness the cycles of retribution their confrontational styles can touch off. Says Robert Seiple, the State Department's Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom until 2000 and himself an Evangelical: "There is a lot more good than bad. The major denominations get it right more than wrong. But what I discovered is that well-intended people have in many, many cases eroded the message they were trying to communicate through inappropriate methodologies. Persecution results, and there are times you wish they had stayed home...."...

    10/40 Window

    ....A missions strategist named Ralph Winter suggested in 1974 that Christians turn their attention from areas already exposed to Christ to "unreached people groups" who had never heard the Gospel. The plan held special allure for those who read literally another verse in Matthew suggesting that when every nation is reached, the long-awaited end times can commence. In 1989 Argentine-born evangelist Luis Bush pointed out that 97% of the unevangelized lived in a "window" between the 10th and 40th latitudes. This immense global slice, he explained, was disproportionately poor; the majority of its inhabitants "enslaved" by Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism and, ultimately, by Satan....

    ..."Henry" and "Sarah" practice a kind of evangelism that might satisfy the staunchest agnostic. In the early 1980s they arrived in the North African country where they serve as missionary-team leaders. "We didn't want to run through, do our thing and preach," says Sarah. "We wanted to live." They founded an adventure-travel business and made friends. They talked sports and taxes and children with their neighbors, went camping with them and gathered with them on Muslim feast days. They didn't hide their faith, but they didn't press it on others, so when a friend's friend who had taken a Christian correspondence course approached them on behalf of his family, they shared Christ on his terms. "They pursued us," Henry insists. The two clans grew close and still are; eventually several of the Muslims embraced Christ. To tentmaking theorists, this is "relationship evangelism." Henry prefers to speak of the difference in connotation between two Arabic words, tansir and tabshir. "Tansir means to coerce people to change their religion," he explains. "Tabshir means to share, to be a witness."...

    Arabic Christians

    PO Box 2126
    Garden Grove, CA 92842-2126

    September 13, 2001



    Wayne, Pennsylvania (ANS) -- Officials at this Christian Satellite Television Ministry to the Middle East and North Africa recently joined with their Arab Christian counterparts on staff throughout the Middle East in reaction to the tragic terrorism attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.

    "It is clear that when the disaster hit us here in America, it also struck deep into the hearts of fellow believers all over the Middle East and North Africa," said SAT-7 North America President Ron Ensminger. "We have had such profound expressions of sympathy for American Christians from Arabic fellow believers that I want to pass some of them along as encouragements." [NOTE: a partial text of these quotes is attached to this release].

    "At the same time, we have heard positive expressions of support for our ministry in the Middle East from many American Christians. They are encouraging us to continue our efforts to send the Good News of Jesus Christ into homes all across the region with our Bible-based, Arabic-language programming. It would be easy to allow Tuesday's events to turn our hearts towards bitterness to all foreigners," said Ensminger, "Fortunately, Christians are telling us that our job has never been more important and they have specifically expressed compassion and mercy to Christians living in Arab lands."

    "We intend to continue our efforts in the aftermath of this terrible terrorist attack and we welcome those who choose to join us," said Ensminger. "We are grateful to our Christian partners who have voiced their encouragements during these difficult days, both our neighbors here and overseas. The joy of the Lord is our strength!"


  • GSMPRO,Dubai, Saudi Arabia perspective
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  • Lawrence of Arabia, from

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    " I don't own the copyright. For pleasure of viewing"
    "The definitive epic of the cinema's history. "Lawrence of Arabia" is hands-down the finest production of the 1960s and makes a strong case as the best movie ever made. The titled character (Oscar-nominee Peter O'Toole in his career-defining role) dies in a freak motorcycle accident in the early-1930s in his homeland of England. In spite of being honored by the nation, many knew nothing of him. Some loved him, others despised him, but no one seemed to know the man at all. Flashbacks immediately start as we meet the character during World War I. He is a lieutenant assigned to mundane duties, but suddenly he is thrust into a greater role in North Africa. He is to assist a Saudi Arabian prince (Alec Guinness). The goal is to fight off the dreaded Turkish regime that poses a threat to the Arabs. If the Turks take over this land in Africa, what will it mean for the English? This concern leads to those in charge (most notably Claude Rains) wanting the titled character to help the Arabs to win their freedom back from the Turks. With the help of allies Omar Sharif (Oscar-nominated) and Anthony Quinn, among a whole host of others, O'Toole starts to assist the Arabs in their all-or-nothing task. An ambitious American journalist (Arthur Kennedy) wants to tell O'Toole's story in the hopes of getting the U.S. interested in the war (basically trying to get his nation involved in World War I by presenting them with a larger-than-life hero). During the venture O'Toole becomes a bit war-crazed and looks at himself as a sort of Christ-like figure who thinks of himself as immortal. O'Toole proves to be someone who is very at home in combat and when the combat is over, will he be able to function properly? Franklin J. Schaffner's "Patton" benefited greatly from David Lean's (Oscar-winning for directing) masterpiece. This Best Picture Oscar winner from 1962 just grows in importance as the years pass by. "Lawrence of Arabia" is a thinking person's film that is much, much deeper than it appears on the surface (and it appears deep on the surface to start with). The film deals with a slice of history that really did not seem that important back during World War I, but the situations in the Middle East now are greatly due to T.E. Lawrence's acts nearly a century ago. Did leading the Arabs to freedom make the world a safer place? This is the main question that Lean's film raises. Guinness' character is someone who changes almost immediately near the end of the production and it is a somewhat frightening foreshadower of things to come. A monumental milestone in film-making that stands so tall against all the other great productions of all eras. 5 stars out of 5."
    "Upon its original release, Lawrence was a huge critical and financial success, and it remains very popular with the public and critics alike to this day. It is widely considered one of the greatest and most influential films ever made. Its visual style has influenced many directors, including Steven Spielberg, who described the film as "a miracle", George Lucas, Sam Peckinpah, and Martin Scorsese. Its influence upon filmmaking and popular culture has been called "undeniable". It is today regarded as a masterpiece of world cinema and is often featured highly on critical lists of best films. It was rated the fifth greatest American film of all time by the American Film Institute in 1997; In its 2007 Tenth Anniversary Edition list, Lawrence of Arabia was seventh."


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  • *referred by mmahmoud94 on yahoo messenger on 7/25/07
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    Persecution by Mideast Police

    "This short video documents some of the tragedies that Christians have faced while being persecuted. When a corrupt police dept has already decided to blame one Christian for a murder, they go to great lengths to get a confession out of the people that know him. WARNING! THE DESCRIPTIONS IN THIS CLIP CAN BE GRAPHIC" Persecution in the Middle East v1

    "Christian persecution"


  • Light Force, Brother Andrew's dramatic stories in the Middle East
  • Youth

    Young Voices from the Middle East

    " The Jordan, Baghdad, and Iran clips are from Chat the Planet. Visit them at
    Let the Youth from the Middle East say what they really feel. These are just some excerpts from topics ranging from religion and war to family values and sex. Inshallah I will able to get more of these because dialogue is the most powerful tool.
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