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Each website is unique.  But we offer different options.  We tailor the plan and cost to your needs.  Our Specials  offer exceptional value and you'll know up front what it will cost, but there will be some limitations to it and you won't have as much input on how the site looks since we'll be using templates and limited graphics.  There will be the variety of custom designed graphics, banners or buttons and you won't be able to have a lot of pictures and stuff in there.  However, the exceptional value offered there is unmatched.  These limitations may affect your needs but if you're more flexible, it's a great way to go.  Currently we offer two special packages:

  • The Business Card Site is one page to get you started
  • The Brochure Site is still somewhat basic, but you get up to 5 pages of content.  There's some limitations on this to keep the price down but it's a lot of value!

You may also opt to add on at any time.  For instance if you start with a Business Card Site and realize you need a couple more pages, we can move you up to the Brochure Site or just do the additions at the custom rates (and we do whichever is cheaper for you).  If you are doing a Brochure Site and want custom banners for each page and special graphics and photos, etc., no problem.  We're flexible.


Then there's our Custom Site Plan.  Basically we charge by the hour and you have virtually unlimited choice on how it goes, how much you spend and what it looks like.

Some charge you a flat rate for a page, a flat rate for each picture you put in the site, and a flat rate for each button they create for you.  We've found that we're efficient enough to be more productive so it's more cost effective to charge by the hour.  We don't know exactly how long it will take to register your domain name, design the site and and the like so we make a proposal on an hourly billing rate.  If there's travel time involved, photography or the like, we can certainly give you an estimate of the costs but we've found it works best for both of us to bill by the hour for work we do.   Currently, we charge $25 per hour for billable hours and we're very efficient on our billing hours.  Our billed hours are productive hours.  There is no more cost-effective website builder out there!  We can scan items for you, or you can provide them to us.  We can custom design graphics, logos or the like but many people choose to use limited graphics and royalty free clipart.  We tend to design by the less is more philosophy for neatness and speedier page loads.  This also saves you money.  It's your site, we'll build it to your design.  And we'll do it in a professional manner.  

By the way, we do NOT charge for correcting any typos or mistakes on our part.  If we need to redo something because of our mistake, you don't get billed for it.  If there's a small modification needed within a reasonable time frame (and we determine that time frame, c'mon, be fair, we are!), we don't charge for doing that either.  It's all a part of our customer service.  And we have reasonable rates for occasional updates you might need.      

Email us for more information and we can provide you a proposal at no charge.  Tell us what you want to do with the website and what you're looking for.  Give us the following information:

  • Website purpose (An attorney's needs are different than a sporting goods store, and their needs are different than a sewing club)
  • Number of pages you will want
  • Ideas on graphics, backgrounds, etc.
  • What you want to accomplish with the site
  • Timeline on when you need it up and going
  • Who is your target viewer?  Who will be the clientele who will most often view your website?  

We will then put together a proposal for you at no charge and get back to you.  We'll make a suggestion on what size site would be best for you.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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