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We want you to be happy.  We tell you up front what we can do and what we can't do.  We do it at reasonable prices.  And we do it with integrity.  

So what happens if there's a problem?

You get a 30 day guarantee on corrections.  We strive to do our best but we need you to look over the site.  Say there's a typer? er, that is a typo, we correct it at no charge.  And if there's another problem caused by us, we correct it, for free within thirty days.  

You also get a "I changed my mind" bonus.  If you find you want to change a font, change a color or a minor update or revision (say your phone number changed) within thirty days, we'll do it for you, at no charge!  And if there's a more substantial change needed for whatever reason, we give you discounted rates for a full six months!  

Now we're going to remind you up front that especially on the package specials we can't spend a lot of time on it.  But we know things happen and we work with you.  

Now, if you provide us an email to cut and paste text from and you made the mistake, then let's be reasonable, it's not our fault.  But you know what?  We try to do a quick proof of it and eliminate mistakes.  If something is intentionally put in there as a demonstration or something, just let us know, we'll leave it.  But please don't come back later and expect us to do the update for free.  

Normally the business card page is "as-is" but we're including it in our 30 day guarantee.  Hey, we want it looking good too!

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