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Welcome to our Links page! This page is intended to serve as a resource and reference point for activists and people interested in social change. Many of our links pertain to struggles and information pertinent to the Midwest, but we also have links to national and international sites that we think are important. Note that we do not endorse the content of every site we link to, some are listed simply for informational purposes. This list of links will be a constantly expanding one!


Socialist Action is the national political party that Twin Cities SA is a part of. On this webpage you'll find lots of information about our politics, our newspaper and press, and what SA is doing nationally.

Youth for Socialist Action is a new nation-wide Marxist youth group that is affiliated to Socialist Action, and has members in the Twin Cities.

MCTC Socialist Discussion Club is a group at the Minneapolis Community & Technical College that SA is active in.

Augsburg Socialist Discussion Club is a similar club at Augsburg College.

Twin Cities Coalition to Defend Mumia Abu-Jamal is the local Mumia committee. Other great Mumia sites include Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, which is a West Coast Mumia coalition that was founded by Socialist Action, International Concerned Family & Friends website, and Youth for Socialist Action's Free Mumia! website, which is a great site for up to date info on Mumia's case and upcoming protests.

Minnesota Students Against the Sanctions in Iraq

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Family Farm Defenders is a new national family farmers organization based in Wisconsin.

National Farmers Union is one of the largest farm organizations in the U.S., and the organizer of the March 21 Rally for Rural America that will be happening in Washington D.C. For info on local NFU activities you can check out the websites for the Minnesota Farmers Union, the Iowa Farmers Union or the North Dakota Farmers Union.

Detroit Sunday Journal is the newspaper put out by the still striking Detroit newspaper workers.

News From Indian Country is a national Native American newspaper published in Hayward, WI.

Marx/Engels Archives

Leon Trotsky Internet Archives contains many of Trotsky's writings, which you can also be read in Spanish, German, Norweigan, Finnish, Swedish or Danish.

Writings by James Cannon, the founder of American Trotskyism, and great labor leader.

Writings by Che Guevara, the famous Latin American revolutionary!

Socialist Action/Canada - our comrades to the north!

If you know of other links that would of interest to activists in Minnesota, feel free to email us about them!

Twin Cities Socialist Action