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youth for socialist action

Welcome to the online home of Youth for Socialist Action! We're a nation-wide multi-racial network of young workers, students, feminists and activists committed to the fight for socialism!

We've set up this webpage to introduce you to our organization, and to invite you to join us. We seek to build a revolutionary youth movement that can effectively fight on behalf of youth and working people across North America, and link the politics of socialism to the struggles of all progressive social movements.

We've divided our webpage into several sections dealing with who we are, how to get active, the campaigns that we're currently involved in, as well as news and analysis of current events from a socialist perspective. See the menu bar on the side of this page for easy access to all our different sections.

We want to invite your feedback, and encourage you to contact us to learn more about revolutionary socialism and how you can get involed in Youth for Socialist Action. We want this site to be a resource center for all young activists, so plug in!

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