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Good News UMM Music: Concerts

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UMM Campus


  • Scratch Track, myspace site

  • Scratch Track @ University of Minnesota-Morris, MN

    "a segment of video of Scratch Track doing their new song "Breaking the Trend" for the students at U of M-Morris. August of 2010."

    Founders Weekend-25th-26th

    Monroe Crossing at UMM Founders Weekend on Sept 25th 10'

    *see Music: Blue Grass

    Johnny Holm Concert at UMM's Founders Weekend on Sept 25th10

    "*sorry I wasn't able to get more footage of this great concert. My batteries on my digital video-camera phone went out :( It was an awesome concert!!


    West-Central Area

    Coming up to Breathe Tour with Mercy Me, Audio Adrenaline, and Aaron Shust in Alexandria, MN

    When? Friday, March 16th 2007 @7pm
    Where? Lake Geneva Christian Center (directions)-Alexandria

    For more information, check out Praise FM's Events Calender

    It's Saturday, March 17th-Happy St Patrick's Day! Wow, it was an awesome concert last night-can I hear an Amen?! I woke up this morning a little past 9am after sleeping in from a long awesome night! Some friends (Paul & Angie-both from Morris, Bob-from Tintah & ?-from Cyrus, Tim-from Morris) I met at the concert decided (planned earlier too) to get together at Perkins (there was many others that went to the concert came over there to hangout too) from 11p-1am (We need a 24/7 hangout like this in Morris!). A cool "divine" meeting was a couple that drove all the way from Cottage Grove (suburb of St. Paul) to see A.A.'s last tour before they might possibly heading to Colorado. This couple we met while waiting (30-45 minute wait) for our table due to the big crowd happen to attend the church (Woodland Hills Church) I attend monthly when I visit my immediate family in St. Paul. Anyways, I wanted to reflect and share about this unique concert I went to with many friends from Morris and many others that I didn't know were coming. I was mentioning to a friend last night about the big family of Christ is so huge, which will be awesome on that day when we all go to Heaven-a huge big family reunion! The concert started at 7pm with a cool unique way! The MC had all of us first clap for our Heavenly Father, who was the main reason for all of us getting together last evening. The small clap became a huge clapping standing ovation for God-I really never did this at a concert before-I thought that was cool! I was also fascinated by the diverse audience (age, race, gender/sex, etc..) present at this concert becuase of the different genre of music represented in these various bands (Aaron Schuster-contemporary worship, Audio Adrenaline-rock, and Mercy Me-contemporary country/pop).

    The concert venue was so pack that I had to stand on the isles close to the back. I have to be honest, I was kind of mad about how cram it was, but I kept praying for peace within me and others that might've felt the same. As Aaron started the concert, I thought he could've continue longer/forever with the worship songs he led all of us....

    " My savior loves, my savior lives
    My savior's always there for me
    My God he was, My God he is
    My God he's always gonna be"
    -Aaron's Site

    I recognized many of his songs that were played on Praise FM 101.5/103.9 FM, which I felt like I knew all the words!

    The next band was Audio Adrenaline, which I grew-up (Christian years) listening to since 1996. It actually brought some memories of when I first came to Christ (see personal story) back in 1996 in Morris (45 minutes southwest of here). The one song that I was looking forward to hear live as "It's My Father's House"....

    "It's a big, big house, with lots and lots of room.
    It's a big, big table, with lots and lots of food.
    A big, big yard, where we can play football. E
    A big, big house, it's my Father's house..."
    - Guitar Chords by: Audio Adrenaline Chords for song: Big House

    Sadly to say, this was A.A.'s last tour, which it was a privilege to be in their last run! They promoted their ministry in Haiti, which they invited anyone planning on going on a mission trip here to visit their Hands and Feet Project. It is ministry for orphans.

    Goodbye by Audio Adrenaline

    "Audio Adrenaline perform "Goodbye" on Friday, March 16th, 2007 in Alexandria, MN"

    The last "main headliner band" was "Mercy Me"! I first heard of this group through a local country radio (KMRS/KKOK) station in Morris. The song that made them famous and still is "I Can Only Imagine" (see story on cancer, which inspired the group)....
    "I can only imagine"

    "Mercy Me perform "I can only imagine" on Friday, March 16th, 2007 in Alexandria, MN. "

    They sang this song towards the end, which was built up through some other popular songs and a couple of audience led worship songs (e.g. Come Lord Jesus Come). The lead singer started to share about Holy Spirit, which He encouraged many of us to invite in to reign (e.g. like rain, which they had a picture showing this in their interactive screen) on us! They would use some special effects using colorful graffiti blowing from the top of the front stage to the audience. I'm guessing this was representing rain. Another challenge that he shared was that Christians that go to church on Sundays should be growing and changing each time. We need to show others His light through our way of life.

    -Other Feedback

    " I enjoyed the concert. I have only been to a concert like that a couple of times in my life. I especially enjoyed the worship songs. (wife) and I commented how great it would be to get together with christians and worship in a setting like that. My problem is that I did not know many of the words. Just a couple of the more popular songs. Like they said "it is easy to get warm-fuzzys" at a setting like that.

    I even more enjoy songs that are simple and easy to pick up the words so I can participate rather that just listen. Seems many of the worship songs now-a-days seem to be more geared toward entertainment rather than participation. I'm Kind of old fashioned I guess.

    Good to hear from you Sal. Thanks for the note. Bless you."-Anonymous

    ....more on Praise & Worship Music Homepage

    X2005 Tour at Destiny Center in Ashby, Minnesota

    I went with Cory to a "all night" youth lock-in concert that had X2005 Tour stopping over at Ashby's Destiny Center.

    Falling Up ends with a worship song, "Come Lord Jesus Come", which you can see the stong "presence" of the Holy Spirit in the youth (some of the hands up during the song from the back).

    Choir Concerts

    I used to sing with my classmates back in Elementary School in various types of concerts. I remember going to the local senior citizen apartments next to my parent's home in St. Paul to go singing. We had a concert during one of the holidays. It was cold outside, but hot inside as my classmates and I packed into this small lobby area to sing for the elderly adults. It was so hot that one of my classmates passed out from the bleachers, which scared all of us-some laughed too!

    I started going to more choir concerts after going to UMM because I wanted to support the people I knew that were invovled in them.

    Herman (UMM Int'l Student from Ivory Coast) poses with the piano after his choir concert on Sunday of October 2nd (?)

    Other Concerts I've been to:

  • Newsboys

  • I went to a concert at the Fargo Dome in Fargo, North Dakota back sometime around 1999-2000. I will always remember the drum solo (see video)
    "NewsBoys-Entertaining Angels"

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  • Rebecca Ast. James at Lake Geneva Christian Center in Alexandria, Minnesota

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