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Worship Music


"Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sind and make music in your heart to the Lordaa, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ" -Ephesians 5:19-20

Hallelujah- Main Entry: 1halˇleˇluˇjah
Pronunciation: "ha-l&-'lü-y&
Function: interjection
Etymology: Hebrew halleluyAh praise (ye) the Lord
-- used to express praise, joy, or thanks

Shrek - Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright

"Chris Tomlin - Made To Worship"

My Praise & Worship Experience that Began at Morris Community Church

Feel free to praise and worship the Lord with us (Morris Community Church on Sundays @10am)in the freedom God gave us though the Word.

Bibllical References to:

"Amen" Blessing: 1 Chr. 16:36, 1 Cor. 14:16
Bowing and Kneeling: Ps 95:6, Eph. 3:14
Carrying and Waving Banners: Ps. 20:5, Song 6:4, 10
Clapping: Ps 47:1, Ps. 98:8, Is. 55:12
Dancing: Ex. 15:20, II Samuel 6:14, Eccl. 3:4, Ps. 30:11, Ps. 149:3, Ps. 150:4
Laughing: Ps. 126:2
Leaping: II Samuel 6:16, 1 Chr. 15:29, Luke 10:21, Acts 3:8
Loud Music and Noise: 11 Chr. 5:12, II Chr. 30:21; Ps. 98:4, Luke 19:37, Rev. 5:11
Playing Musical Instruments: 11 Sam. 6:5, II Chr. 30:21, II Chr. 34:12, Ps. 33:2, Ps. 57:8, Ps. 144.9, Ps. 150:3-5

Raising Hands: Ps. 63:4, Ps. 119:48, Ps 134:2, Ps 141:2
Shouting: Ezra 3:11, Ps. 32:11, Ps. 35:27, Ps.47:11, Ps. 71:23
Silence: Hab. 2:20, Ps. 46:10
Singing: Ps. 7:17, Ps. 9:2,11, Ps. 98:1, Zech. 2:10

Ruth, Jaclyn and LeeMarie

"But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers."-John 4:23

Special "Worship Series in A Nutshell" Teaching by Kris Hanson (Youth Pator, Worship Leader) on Sundays Services January-March 7th of 2004

Kris Hanson shared points on worship the last several weeks, here are the notes all put together. Thanks Kris!

The WORSHIP Series in a nutshell

Intro- What worship is and is not about...

IS NOT: Contrived hype or conjured up emotionalism.
IS: Genuine expression to a Person.

IS NOT: Getting something out of it (self-centered).
IS: Giving Him all He deserves (God-centered).

IS NOT: Fulfilling a religious duty.
IS: Cultivating a pleasurable relationship.

9 Aspects of True Christian Worship:

1. PROMISE - to live for Him
2. PRIORITY - nothing competes with Him
3. PRACTICE - proactively worship God whenever you can
4. PURSUIT - get to know His ways/character
5. PASSION - divine romance; what stirs you up?
6. PRAISE - give Him credit for everything
7. PRICE - it should cost you something
8. PERSEVERANCE - don't give up when it's tough
9. PERSPECTIVE - hopeful and God-centered

  • Praise & Worship Music Lyrics, from higherpraise

  • Reccomended Resources


  • Praise FM, 101.5 Milbank, SD /103.9 FM Osakis, MN

  • *my local favorite station



    Fire on the Prairie ~ Clarkfield, MN ~ Can you feel the heat?


  • Bluer, a youth worship gathering- Bluer: Helping a Generation Experience God; 6p.m. at the Heart Alive Theater, 5801 John Martin Dr. in Brooklyn Center. Intense worship & relevant messages for young adults & a generation searching for something real. 612-741-blue



  • Steven Curtis Chapman

  • -Concerts
    God is Good at the White House (
    *words about 9-11

    Remember ing You
    *clips from Chronicles of Narnia
  • Dan Moen

  • -Concerts
    Cast thy burdens
    "Give Thanks"

    God is Good
    "God Will Make A Way"

    *Don Moen shares a message of hope"
    Like Eagles
    River of Life, from
    Don Moen - When It's All Been Said - slovenske titiulky
    *Slovakian subtitles
  • Aaron Shust

  • -Concert
    *saw him live at Lake Geneva Christian Center (Alexandria, MN) in spring of 2007
    "Give Me Words To Speak"

    My Savior, My God
    -Interview Exclusive: Aaron Shust Preview
    Interviewing Aaron Shust at the Dove Awards
  • Michael W. Smith

  • -Concerts
    *saw him live back in 2000 during Soneshine Festival (Wilmar, MN)
    Above All - Michael W. Smith at the Whitehouse
    Awesome God
    Draw Me Close to You
    You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)
  • Here I Am to Worship, live from Brazil

  • -Videos:
    Here I Am To Worship


  • Salvador

  • *see Spanish songs
    "As the Deer", from
    "Dance Like David"

    LifeLight- Salvador You are Good -

  • Sonicflood

  • -Music Videos
    Cry Holy - With Lyrics (scenes from India)

    making of this video, from

    *scenes from around the world


    "God's Romance" the music video (by Jessica & ?)


  • Passion-Worship
  • Music

  • Cartoon Song, from Chris Rice (

  • "I was thinkin' the other day,
    "What if cartoons got saved?
    They'd start singing praise
    In a whole new way..."
    Well, I was thinkin' the other day,
    "What if cartoons got saved?
    They'd start singing praise
    In a whole new way..."

    Radio Stations

  • KJSM Radio, "Great Christian Music, Praise, Worship"-from Yucca Valley, CA

  • *found on itunes

    Recording Companies

  • Hosanna! Music, new praise and worship CD's
  • Marantha Music
  • Passion Now
  • Vineyard Music
  • Resources

  • Priase-Worship, Our mission is to provide and equip every christian, worship leader, fellowship, and small group with the music they need to praise the Lord
  • Worship Music
  • Wow Worship, best worship artists complied in a cd pack each year
  • Videos

  • Heart of worship, from Matt Redmon (



    "An inspiring music video that will uplift your spirit."
    United Kingdom

  • Delirious
  • -Concerts
    Prelude to History Maker, share on "dry bones" that come "alive"
    *see Christian life
    History Maker
    Miracle Maker
    Rain Down, from Willow Creek (


    *my personal favorite
    Inside Outside


  • Ethnic Worship Music
  • Vineyard: International
  • Worship Together, free worship songs and cool stuff

  • *referred from Harvest City Church (Canada) site



  • Christian Hymns & Spiritual Songs, from Living Stream version
  • Hymns and Spiritual Songs
  • Hymns Band
  • Hymn Site, Methodist version
  • -Specific
    "God's Creation"

    "Appalachian versions of classic hymns accompany beautiful scenes of God's creation"
    "To God be the Glory"-Christian Classic Hymn - My tribute

  • How Great Thou Art, from All About
  • 101 Ways Your Church Can Change the World
    "Sometimes those of us in the church tend to do the same things over and over again because they've worked in the past. The author of this book served as a church leader and pastor for over 40 years and was always looking for new ideas for reaching out to the community and world to make a difference. It's true that what works in one community may not work in another; what excites some people may not inspire others. This Ebook is provided hoping it will spark new, fun and effective ways for your church to reach out to a hurting world."
    *With God's help!

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    "I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven"

    He is the first christian music artist I was introduced to when I became a Christian during my freshmen year in college in the Spring of 1999. I was given a tape by Saundra (Grand Marais, MN), a fellow sister in Christ in the floor below me at Clayton A. Gay Hall...

    The Keith Green Story pt 1/7

    "Create In Me A Clean Heart", from
    Keith Green - Make My Life a Prayer to You, from

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