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Haitian Outreach


I had the opportunity to meet a Haitian that came to UMM for a couple years. In fact, she was part of the UMM Women's Wrestling Team between 2000-2002 (?). I don't know where she's at today (Sunday, March 7th of 2004), but I was reminded to pray for her due to the recent political uprising there.

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  • *referred through Assist's article on IHOP 24/7 Prayer
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  • *I got a June 2000 newsletter from some source-WHC?

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  • Mission Haiti
  • From: Lorenzo Nelson
    Subject: Greetings in the grace of Jesus

    Greetings from "Your Mission" Good News! Opportunities abound for you to add treasures to your account in heaven.

    Dear Web Ministry, Pastor Neil & Church,

    Here is a story from "Man Za"
    "Recently, an elderly woman from Trou Chouchou near Petit Goave was brought to my attention as she was in need of shelter, food and medical attention due to excruciating pain from her left breast, which was suspected of being a malignant tumor. Though this was an unusual and unexpected request, she was temporarily accepted at our modest low income mission of fifteen residents. Through several referrals and follow up mammography exams and biopsy, it was a relief to all and especially to her to find out that the tumor was benign.

    Having no where to go, her stay was prolonged indefinitely and naturally she blended in with the residents and became a member of the mission. Interestingly, one evening as I addressed one of our teenage girls soon to be a mother I noticed Rosalied Belizaire known as "Man Za" the elderly woman sitting alone in a corner of the yard, lost in space with her thoughts while mechanically cleaning off the dirt of her finger nails, I came to realize that I never sat with her and never had a real conversation. I pulled a chair next to her and softly engaged in a profound dialogue that revealed so much about her, the whole world and me. At first, I thought she was at least 75 years old. Of course she did not know her age but had a birth certificate that indicated she was sixty-one. I was saddened by this fact, she must have had a tumultuous life to look so old for such a young age. When I asked her what appeared to be the most interesting change between then and now, her candid answer will for ever remain deeply embedded in my mind. She said "SHOES!" "To be able to wear or see someone else use a pair of shoes and see those feet being protected from thorns, rocks, hot dirt and gravel and broken bottles,,,, is to me the most interesting improvement in my life time." I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes and realized that we still have so much to do about poverty and yet, we take so much for granted. "

    (a church, orphanage & clinic are planned at her location-it could be a branch of your church...) More pictures and information on this outreach can be seen at

    If the Lord touches your heart to become involved in more mission outreach, please let us know at:

    The Christian Mission
    15007 SE Powell Blvd. #3
    Portland, OR 97236
    Phone (503) 761-0700

    The Fields are white unto harvest.
    Yours in His Love,
    Lorenzo Nelson
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