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Community of Morris: Needs

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Below is a list of our church community needs in Morris that I'm starting to compile as as of Tuesday, July 6th 2004:

-To better network the church body in this community to better serve our community in unexpected trials (e.g. July 4th Storm of 2003)
-To show our community we can "work together" in love despite our doctrinal differences and be as "one" in Jesus Christ (John 17)
-To build relationships amongts each other working for one cause through Jesus!

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."-Matthew 7:7

Places to share your need:
-Churches (listed below)
-KKOK 95.7 FM/KMRS Radio "Community Please" M-F's @10am
Call in your need at 320.589.3131 at 10am, which will be announced "on air" live!
-Salvation Army (info down below)
-Stevens County Human Services


  • Assumption Catholic Church

  • Blessed: Building Resources, One of a kind Choir Director: Ken Hodgsons, etc..
    Prayer Requests: Allen on his mission trip to Peru

  • Faith Lutheran

  • Blessed: Church Building Conference Rooms, etc..
    Prayer Requests:

  • Federated Church of United Methodists

  • Blessed: Quilters
    Prayer Requests:

  • First Baptist in yahoo search

  • Blessed: Choir Groups that come from different parts of the state
    Prayer Requests:

  • First Lutheran Church

  • Blessed: famous nationally known "New Wine" (youth) traveling contemporary choir group, etc..
    Prayer Requests:

  • Hossana Worship Center of AG

  • Blessed: indoor basketball facility, sign on hwy 28, hosts: Special Touch Ministries, etc..
    Announcements: David Nichols from "Heart of the Father Ministries" July 11th-14th
    Prayer Requests:

  • Morris Community Church

  • Blessed: Anointed for Business Study Group, "Most Excellent Way" (starting Fall of 2004)-drugs, alcohol, addiction rehab, etc..
    Announcement: Summer Institute of Ministry Training School June 7th-August 13th
    Prayer Requests: Summer Missions Trips-Youth (Becky, Christy, Shayln, Jamie, Dan, etc...) on Royals Servants Trip to: Jerusalem-Europe, Greece, etc..; Adults (Neil, Pat, Paul, etc from "Outfitters for Adventure" teaching in mission schools at: Siberia-Russia and Mongolia

  • Morris Evangelical Free Church

  • Blessed: "Summmer Vacation Bible School: Son Games 2004" (7/19-7/23/04) for kids, etc..
    Announcements: "Former NFL Viking Footbal Player: Kurt Phoeger (now pastor at Cornerstone Free Church) Speaking" this Friday, June 23rd @7pm (Supper $5: Pizza, Tacos, etc.. @5:30p)
    Prayer Requests: Paul Burr with kids in Bolivia, South America (Praise FM on 7/6/04)

  • St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran

  • Blessed: etc...
    Prayer Requests:

  • Zion Lutheran Church

  • Blessed: Radio Talk Show on KKOK 97.3 FM, summer vocation school, etc...

    ...more or church angel directory

    Ways of Working Together

    Common Cup Coffee House

  • "Spirit brewing Coffeehouse becomes a place of ministry">

  • National Day of Prayer
    Picnic in the Park
    ****We will be having a planning meeting on Thursday August 5th at 7pm at the Haavig Center for people interested in helping.**** Contact: Mark Haugen

    Extra "Fun-Labor" Hands:


    Do you ever get calls to help babysit a kids? Wouldn't it be nice to have a list?

    Child Care in Morris:

    Country Day Nursery
    2 Columbia Ave
    Morris, MN 56267

    Morris Area Child Care Center
    1001 1/2 Scotts Ave
    Morris, MN 56267

    Prairie Pioneer Days
    *Note: This event is done, but thanks to all the volunteers!


    The Prairie Pioneer Days Committee is still in need of volunteers to help out next week during Prairie Pioneer Days. If you are able to help us out it would be greatly appreciated.

    We need volunteers to help out at the information booth, help with clean up and also take tickets at our games. The times we still have open are listed below. If you or someone at your business can help us out, please contact the Chamber Office at 589-1242 or return this email with the times you are available.

    Thank You!


    1-3 p.m. Games (1 person)
    *3-6 p.m. Games (2 people)
    4-6 p.m. Information Booth (2 people)
    Clean up 6- 7 p.m. (4 people)


    *Noon - 2 Games (2 people)
    *2- 3 p.m. Games (2 people)
    4:30 - 6 p.m. Games (2 people)
    *Noon - 2 Information Booth (2 people)
    *2-3 Information Booth ( 2 people)
    4:30 - 6 Information Booth (2 people)
    Clean Up 6 - 7 p.m. (4 People)

    Carolyn Peterson
    Executive Director
    Morris Area Chamber of Commerce & Ag
    507 Atlantic Ave
    Morris, MN 56267
    Web Site:

    *Note: Still in need as of 7/6/04 @1p

    Community Leadership Opportunities

  • Blandin Foundation: Community Leadership Retreat: September 13th-17th of 2004, contact Phil Drown on this application form

  • *contributing the economic community building!

    Prairie Renassaince Cultural Center

    Sent: July 5th
    If you’re willing, come by the Center this Friday (the 9th) at noon and we’ll make short work of folding, taping, labeling, stamping the July newsletters! Many thanks,


    Lutheran Campus Ministry House
    Summer Openings (3 available rooms)
    $125/month includes utilities
    Academic Year (2 available rooms)
    $900/month includes utilities
    Contact: Sherry Cline 589.4554

    Half-Way House/Shelter

    I know the Salvation Army provides temporary housing for "emergencies" (house fire victims, victims of abuse, etc..)at the Best Western: Prairie Inn. However, it would be nice to have a permanent place for ex-convicts, battered women, run away children/teens, etc... This has been a topic of "need" talk in certain parts of the community.

    Related Links:

  • "Faith-based home near Lake Alice would serve non-violent offenders" from Fergus Falls Journal, Minnesota Monday, July 12, 2004
  • Physical/Material


    -Purpose Drive Life for prison inmates at Appleton, MN; Contact: Neil of Outfitters for Adventure Since: 7/04

    Garage Sale Miscellanous: FOR SALE:

    -7500 B.T.U. Amana Quiet Cool Air Conditioner $200 (similar picture)
    -Full Sealy Size Bed $200 (final price)
    *Contact Sal at 320.585.5573 or

    Household Items:

    +refrigerator for single parent family with low-income; Contact Sal Since: 6/21/04
    =>thanks to Stevens County Human Service & Salvation Army for help anonymous donation of refrigerator through KKOK's "Community Please" the same day (7/16/04)!


    -Salvation Army: sort out clothing
    -Morris Senior Center: to serve meals or help elderly with computers
    *for contact information and other listed needs...((click)

    "When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures."-James 4:2

    Who? Alcohol Anonymous Association
    Where? 7 E. 1st St.
    When? M, T, Th, F @8pm; Sa @9am
    Need: Former Alcoholics to share their testimony of how they are currently dealing with their struggle or how they got out of it. This will encourage participants that are currently dealing with alcoholism and to give them hope!
    Contact: Ron or Jeff Mangan

    Who? Big Friend/Little Friend
    Contact: Caroly McCannon of Campus Compact-UMM's Student Center: Student Activities
    Other: Mainstream Studios-Mark Haugen 589.2812-One and One discipleship/mentoring/bigbrother&little sister/TREC once a week: Adult-College-High School-Elementary. For example resources=>
    Need: Mature Adults who have a heart to be a friend to a college age, high school, or elementary school student.

    Kinship, making a difference once child a time
    Younglife, college to high school age

    Who? Minnesota Child Care Resource & Referral Network Outreach Office
    Where? 10 East 6th St.
    Contact: (320) 759-3993

    Who?Minnesota Depression & Manic Depression Association
    Where? SCMC Hospital Boardroom Basement
    When? Th @8-9:30p
    Contact: Life Center 320.589.7625
    Need: A person who is overcoming with depression that can give her/his testimony to offer hope of sufferers

    Who? Special Touch Ministries: Serving Developmentally Disabled Youth-Adult
    When? meets once a month
    Contact: Jen or Cal Bumgandner 589.8828
    Other: JRG Ministries, Inc-MapleGrove, MN 763.420.4774
    Need: Volunteers to help with activities (arts and crafts, music, games, etc...)

    Who? Stevens County Food Shelf
    When? M @10:30a-11:30a; T @2:30-3:30p; W @5:30p-6:30p; Th 5:30p-6:30p; F @2:30-3:30p
    Where? corner of E. 7th St. & Iowa Ave. (diagonaly across UMM sign)
    Need: Volunteers for an hour or more to handout food

    Who? Morris International Student Network
    Where? Center for International Student-UMM & H.S.
    Contact: Sal
    Other: International Student Inc. Need: Anyone who is willing to help international students (both college age and high school age-see International Student Exhange; contact Malinda Ohloft of Barret, MN) with daily living needs to help in their cultural shock transition to America

    Who? Morris Life Care Pregnancy Center: Single/Married Women of all ages
    Where? 601 1/2 California Ave.
    When? M-F
    Contact: Bonnie Wall 320.589.0300/ 1.800.285.0712
    Need: Women to offer support to young women in various ways

    Who? Morris Ride Board Network
    Where? Student Center: Ride Board
    When? ?
    Contact: Sal
    Need: A network of willing drivers to take people who don't have a means of transportation to and from

    Who? Morris Senior Center
    Where? corner of 6th St. & ?
    When? M-F
    Contact: Rita at Morris Senior Center 589.2951
    Need: -volunteers for "Meals on Wheels" to deliver food to senior citizens at their homes from @10:30-11:30am M-F (groups of 3-get your friends to commmit at least one day a week or once this summer!) Also, they are looking for computer enthusiasts to help with their computer work. contact: Rita at Morris Senior Center 589.2951
    Did you know? You can support the Senior Center by buying 50 cents cards for all occasions that are recycled made by them! Check out their card rack in their dining room area!

    Who? Morris Teen Center (CANCELLED after 2002 Summer)
    Where? corner of Columbia Ave. & Green River Rd
    When? Th-S @5-10p
    Contact: Tammy Johnson 589.0088/589.2311
    *Note: Cancelled! (Summer of 2002 only)

    Who? S--? :Battered-Abused Women/Widows
    Where? SEPP (next to Morris Movie Theater bldg)
    Whern? Fridays @8pm
    Contact: ?
    Other: Dwelling Place (Greater MN area based in Twin Cities)

    Who? Morris Aglow: Women Ministries
    Where? Best Western Prairie Inn: Cougar Room
    When? once a month
    Needs: Women who love to pray and encourage!

    Who? Salvation Army Thrift Store (of North Divsion-Minnesota)
    When? M-F 9:30a-5p; Sa-9:30a-3p
    Where? 623 EAST 7TH STREET, MORRIS MN 56267 (across Laundromat)
    Contact: Mike 589.0483
    Need: Help is very much needed on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but open other days
    Special Events: Annual Trip to Twins Game at the Metrodome (Free bus ride & admission)
    *Thanks for sponsoring this annual trip (Twins 7 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 5 on 7/22/04)

    Who? Stevensons License Bureau
    Morris Licence Bureau
    Where? 600 Atlantic Ave
    Contact: ph: 320-589-1755
    Written & Drivers Test at Eagles (behind Willies)
    Call to make an appointment and ask what their schedule is. Ask for a Drivers Manual and when you past the test, you get a license at Stevensons (south side of City Centre Mall)

    Possible Bussiness Venture

    Who? Website Builders
    When? Whatever Time Availabe
    Where? anywhere that has internet hook-up
    Contact: Sal's Homepage Business
    Need: All types of web designers (basic/advance html, java script, etc...)

    Please contact me (Sal) of any needs, praise reports/ways we are blessed, announcements, prayer requests, etc... not listed here or questions about what is mentioned above:

    P.O. Box 92
    Morris, MN
    H# 320.585.5573
    C# 651.338.2929

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