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LA: Economics


I took an Economics (see BUSINESS) class during my junior year at UMM, which I'll be using a lot what I learn in an up-coming community leadership retreat (September 13th-17th of 2004).

Community Leadership Opportunities

Blandin Foundation: Community Leadership Retreat: September 13th-17th of 2004, contact Phil Drown on this application form

Background Information Inventory On-Line, preparing for the leadership consultation 24 participants will have with a staff at the retreat.

MBTI Step II, another inventory!

After attending the retreat, I was reminded of this business economic life-skills learning program called Junior Achivement, which would be a good life lesson for our area youth to get involved.

What comes up must come down?

Today (Tuesday, October 10th of 2005) I heard economists predict the the economy of the U.S. will go down by February of 2006. This was predicted today after a series of natural disaster in our nation (Hurricaine Katrina & Rita) and world (Asian Tsunami, South Asian Earthquake, and Hurricaine Stan), which has been costing many U.S. dollars. It's been awesome to see the U.S. government "giving to others"/"blessing others" despite our own economic/national problems; however, economists feel we will see the financial consequences in the future. As I write this, I feel God will return our giving 7 fold as long we are giving with the right heart and using discernment. There are others in our country who probably have been stingy and greedy, which they (e.g. Enron) might cause our nation's downfall.

Let's look at some Biblical prophecies out there....

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  • Well, what should you do? Ask God yourself on what you can do? I did this last week after a message from my local pastor, which I came up with this site...

    Emergency Preparedness

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