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Glacier National Park, Montana ... home.

There is a place where the mountains touch the sky, where heaven lies so close to your grasp, and where you can honestly feel "home". That place is in the Northwest corner of Montana, and it is no wonder so many songwriters find their inspiration there. As for me, there is nowhere I'd rather spend 2 unforgetable weeks of my life.

Can you pick me out of the crowd?

Here we are at the end of the trail, the furthest lake is where we hiked down to for our next night's stay.

And this is what was waiting there for us,
a perfect sunset.

Here we are at a chalet at the top of a mountain, along the same trail.

They all said it couldn't be done! They said i was a fool for trying!!
However, after a couple hours of watching my vision come alive,
everyone joined in to make the perfect scaled U.S. map out of red granite rocks laying around!
And, i know Texas is in three parts ... you try to find a perfectly, in-tact, rock of that freakin' state!

After desperately seeking the path which supposedly "switchbacked" up the mountain,
(according to certain incorrect sources who will remain nameless)
We just climbed straight up and scaled the notch looking down on Iceberg Lake.

Devorah and Kevin looking down on Iceberg Lake

This was the start of the 5 day, backcountry, trek through the wilderness.
Notice how we are all cheerful BEFORE starting out.

Just another hike along the foggy highline trail.
But it all cleared up by the end of the day.

Fineman's first experiences with hiking, caught on film!

Wild life along the way!

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