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Wild Animals (us or them?)

The wildlife we encountered along the way, is always the most exciting. Unfortunately i don't have the "love-making marmots" or the vicious mule deer who attempted to digest our packs, so these will have to do. But do not fret, we had near death experiences with numerous dumb hikers as well.

Mountain goats would not clear off the path, but they are pretty cool to be this close to.

And here is the little baby. We tried to cook it for dinner but the meat was too rubbery, had to toss it.

Another cool montana native to meet on the trail.
This mountain sheep nearly charged us, had we not thrown Fineman to him as a sacrifice, we may have all perished.

The most vicious predator of the park: The Columbian Ground Squirrel!
In latin, its known as the "Squirrelis di Steroidus"
These brutes will tear you limb from limb to get at the power-bar crumb lodged in your navel.

Fortunately, this was as close to a Grizzly bear as we ever got.
Although I admit it would have been fun to see one closer, we had already
given fineman up to the ram and had no sacrifices left.

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