Help! How do I download a WAV off a webpage?

Right click with your mouse on the hyperlink for the WAV you want to download and then choose either SAVE TARGET AS or SAVE LINK AS (whichever your browser has) and then you can save it to your harddrive.

WAV Format

All wavs are in MPEG 3-Layer WAV 32kBit 22,050 Hz mono format. This type of compression allows you to keep good sound integrity of the wav and keeps the size small as well. They will play in chatrooms as well as windows sound recorder or windat. Note to people on AOL: This format will come up as 0:00 on AOL's wav player because the AOL Wav player only supports 8 or 16 bit wavs. However it WILL play in the chatrooms. Use your windows wav player or the chatroom to hear the wavs.

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