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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

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In this belated comic sequel, the famous cannibal family is out collecting Yuppie meat on Texas/OU Weekend in Dallas. But a bimbo deejay records the sound of a guy getting his brain chainsawed through the sunroof of a Mercedes because the guy happened to be requesting a song by Humble Pie on his daddy's cell phone at the time. This new evidence gives Dennis "I Am the Lord of the Harvest" Hopper, the well known acidhead Texas Ranger, the chance to buy three Black-and-Deckers for himself and go after Leatherface. Leatherface not only saws up a whole radio station, but he FALLS IN LOVE. His brother Chop-Top walks around carrying the skin of Edwin Neal, the hitchhiker, who didn't get rehired for "Saw 2," and frying the metal plate in his skull with the hot end of a coat hanger.

Eight dead bodies.
Twelve gallons blood.
Character-actor carving.
Thirty-five actual chainsaws.
Chainsaw sex.
Big Red Cola Fu.
Top Forty Fu.
Gratuitous eyeball pate.
With Jim Siedow, the cook, as the only actor returning from the first film, seen here ranting about the high cost of meat and telling his son "You got one choice, it's sex or the saw";
Caroline Williams as the Final Girl, discouraging Leatherface from slicing her head off by saying "I'm trying to be open with you, it's nobody's fault, I just can't do this";
Bill Johnson as Leatherface;
Bill Mosely as Chop-Top;
and Texas favorite Lou Perry as the dead-but-still-blubbering radio-station engineer.
Written by Kit Carson.
Directed by Tobe Hooper of Poltergeist, who reluctantly agreed to make it only after Cannon Films promised to finance two other films (Lifeforce and Invaders From Mars). Joe Bob's film debut is a scene that appears only in the director's-cut laserdisc version. 3 stars

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