I Dream of Jeannie episodes

A four-part virtual mini-series:
77-Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie (Part 1)
Jeannie is accidentally locked inside a safe destined for the moon (part 1)

78-Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie (Part 2)
Still locked in the safe, Jeannie is sold to a junk dealer who plans to crush the safe in a scrap-compressing machine.

79-Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie (Part 3)
Knowing that Jeannie is still locked inside the safe, her wicked sister tries once again to nab Tony for herself. Guest star: Ted Cassidy, who played the character Lurch on "The Addams Family."

80-Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie (Part 4)
Tony panics when he learns that Jeannie becomes the property of the one who frees her from the safe. [Note: The above four episodes have been shown together by Nick at Nite as "Jeannie: The Movie."]

81-Please Don't Feed the Astronauts
Jeannie helps Tony and Roger pass a wilderness survival test complete with giant chickens and harem girls. Paul Lynde and Ted Cassidy guest-star.

82-My Master the Ghost Breaker
Tony inherits a castle in England, only to discover that it is haunted by thieves who want to get rid of him.

83-Divorce, Genie Style
Mrs. Bellows thinks Tony is a rotten husband and tries to arrange a divorce for Jeannie.

84-My Double-Crossing Master
Tony poses as a dashing Britisher named Geoffrey to prove that Jeannie is faithful to him.

85-Have You Ever Had a Genie Hate You?
Jeannie's wicked sister tricks her into hating Tony and falling in love with Roger.

86-Operation, First Couple on the Moon
Jeannie's sister offers to keep Tony from getting to the moon with a pretty woman scientist.

87-Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before?
When Jeannie gives Roger one birthday wish, Roger mistakenly wishes that he could be Tony.

88-U.F.Oh Jeannie
A family of hillbillies mistake Tony and Roger for Martians. Kathleen Freeman and J. Pat O'Malley (who himself played an alien in a Twilight Zone ep) guest-star.

89-Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks (A MUST-SEE EPISODE)
Candy sent by Jeannie's mother brings out hidden desires in anyone who eats it. Reta Shaw guest-stars. This episode is extremely zany.

90-Tomorrow Is Not Another Day
Jeannie accidentally blinks up a copy of the next day's newspaper-delighting Roger, who plans a get-rich-quick scheme.

Jeannie's baby nephew lands Tony in a maternity ward.

92-The Used Car Salesman
When a crooked car salesman swindles Jeannie, she vows to get revenge.

93-Djinn, Djinn Go Home
Jeannie's uniform-hating dog shows up and attacks everyone in sight. This is the first episode to feature this vicious dog.

94-The Strongest Man in the World
Tony enters the armed forces boxing tournament unaware that his boxing abilities came from Jeannie.

95-Indispensable Jeannie
While Jeannie is away, she causes the house to fulfill all of Tony's wishes, only Tony doesn't know it.

96-Jeannie and the Top Secret
On his way to Washington with a top secret film, Tony is constantly bothered by a jealous Jeannie.

97-How to Marry an Astronaut
Jeannie's sister almost tricks Tony into marrying her.

98-Dr. Bellows Goes Sane
Dr. Bellows' wild report on Tony prompts General Peterson to hire another psychiatrist to analyze Dr. Bellows. Joe Flynn (Capt. Binghamton on "McHale's Navy") guest-stars.

99-Jeannie the Guru (A MUST-SEE EPISODE)
A general's hippie daughter uses Jeannie's secret to blackmail Tony into letting her boyfriend hide out in his house. This episode marks the first appearance by the new general on the show, General Schaeffer (Vinton Hayworth). It is also perhaps the quintessential counterculture episode in TV Land, besides being a hilarious countercultural satire.

100-The Case of My Vanishing Master (Part 1)
Jeannie is unaware that Dr. Bellows has planted a double in Tony's house while he is away on a secret mission.

101- (Part 2)
Tony's double proves to be an enemy agent and learns Jeannie's secret, but gets no further than blackmailers do on Bewitched.

102-Ride 'Em Astronaut
When Jeannie becomes Queen of the Rodeo, Tony accidentally enters a bucking bronco contest.

103-Invisible House For Sale
Wishing that Tony would spend more time with her, Jeannie puts his house up for sale.

104-Jeannie, the Governor's Wife
Jeannie and Roger insist that Tony run for governor of Florida (does Jeb Bush know about this?).

105-Is There a Doctor in the House?
When Jeannie's mother pays a visit, she immediately falls in love with Dr. Bellows. Barbara Eden plays Jeannie's mother.

106-The Biggest Star in Hollywood
Jeannie appears on the "Laugh-In" show, making her an instant celebrity. Guest stars from "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" include Judy Carne, Arte Johnson, Gary Owens and its producer George Schlatter play themselves. A MUST-SEE EPISODE for its TV Land intertextuality and its madcap sense of farce.

107-The Porcelain Puppy
Jeannie's recipe for turning things into porcelain backfires when she accidentally turns her dog Djinn Djinn into a porcelain statue.

108-Jeannie for the Defense
In a small town, Tony is arrested for hit-and-run driving. In the middle of this episode is a segment of pure, absurdist comedy involving Major Nelson in a jail cell. The scene makes this a MUST-SEE EPISODE.

109-Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut
Jeannie's sister fouls up Tony's chances of flying to the moon by increasing his weight to 300 pounds.

110-Around the World in 80 Blinks (A MUST-SEE EPISODE)
On a moon mission, Jeannie blinks Tony home fearing for his safety. Richard Mulligan of "SOAP" guest-stars. Excellent physical comedy at work here.

While Tony is out on a date, Jeannie's sister tries to steal him.

112-Jeannie and the Secret Weapon
Jeannie's working toy model of a spacecraft almost gets Tony court-martialled when an enterprising manufacturer tries to market the toy.

113-The Blackmail-Order Bride
A reporter tries blackmail to get an in-depth interview with Major Nelson.

114-Jeannie at the Piano
After Jeannie blinks a piano into existence, Tony winds up playing it like a master musician.

115-Djinn Djinn, the Pied Piper
Djinn Djinn, Jeannie's dog, reappears. This time he causes havoc with General Schaeffer's dog Jupiter.

116-Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? (Part 1)
Tony refuses Jeannie's wish to be his bride, causing her to leave him forever. This marriage proposal is certainly a significant TV Land event after a build-up of four years. It qualifies this two-parter as a MUST-SEE. Jackie Coogan guest-stars.

117- (Part 2)
Tony risks everything to find Jeannie, and asks for her hand in marriage.

118-Jeannie's Beauty Cream (A MUST-SEE EPISODE)
Jeannie's face cream turns Mrs. Bellows into a beautiful teenager. This episode repeatedly throws logic and rational human behavior out the window in favor of hysteria and manic comedy.

119-Jeannie and the Bachelor Party
A bachelor party for Tony surprises everyone, including Tony.

120-The Blood of Jeannie
Jeannie's blood test for marriage causes problems when it turns out she has green corpuscles.

121-See You In C-U-B-A
Jeannie accidentally blinks Tony's plane to Cuba where he is taken prisoner. Farrah Fawcett and Pedro Gonzales guest-star.

122-The Mad Home Wrecker
An interior decorator turns Tony's house into a disaster.

123-Uncles a Go-Go
Before Jeannie may marry, her uncles must give final approval.

124-The Wedding
On the day of their wedding, Jeannie reveals that she cannot be photographed.

125-My Sister the Homewrecker
Jeannie's sister masquerades as Tony's wife until Jeannie figures out her disguise. Farrah Fawcett and Barbara Eden's real actor-husband Michael Ansara guest-star.

126-Jeannie the Matchmaker
Jeannie tries to find Roger a perfect mate at the same time that Roger is supposed to escort a general's niece. This episode features a hilarious dancing scene as one of its highlights.

127-Never Put a Genie on a Budget
Tony puts Jeannie on a tight budget after she misuses his credit cards. Another hippie episode, featuring a pair of groovy boarders called The Learys.

128-Please Don't Give My Jeannie No More Wine
Jeannie's special wine causes the Bellowses to disappear.

129-One of Our Hotels Is Growing
When there is no room at a hotel, Jeannie blinks on an extra floor.

130-The Solid Gold Jeannie
In isolation after a moon trip, Jeannie blinks in on Tony and is mistaken for a creature from outer space by a fellow astronaut.

131-Mrs. Djinn Djinn
When Roger spreads the news that Jeannie is expecting, he doesn't know that Mrs. Djinn Djinn is the only one about to become a mother.

132-Jeannie and the Curious Kid
Dr. Bellows' nephew sees Jeannie come out of the bottle and tells his uncle of the strange happenings. There was a similar Bewitched episode

133-Jeannie the Recording Secretary
Jeannie tries to get Tony the Best Husband Award at the same time that he is expected on an important moon mission. Larry Hagman once again showcases his talent for physical comedy in a scene where he behaves like a mechanical human being.

134-Help, Help a Shark
Tony tries to outwit a pool hustler, naturally using Jeannie's help until she gets knocked unconscious.

135-Eternally Yours, Jeannie
Tony has an unexpected reunion with his high school sweetheart and her jealous husband, an ex-football player.

136-An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing
Using a live goat for wool, Jeannie tries to make Tony a hand-knit sweater for their anniversary.

137-Hurricane Jeannie (A MUST SEE-EPISODE)
Tony dreams that Dr. Bellows discovers Jeannie's real identity. Although this is not numerically the final episode of this series, it definitely has strong concluding qualities. Bewitched had a similar episode in which Darren decides to tell the world about Sam and then dreams about the possible consequences.

138-One Jeannie Beats Four of a Kind
To capture a card shark, Tony and Roger play poker, with disastrous results. Herbert Rudley guest-stars.

139-My Master the Chili King
Tony's conniving cousin Arvel makes him the unauthorized chili king of Cocoa Beach. Final episode of the series.

There was also a tv-movie about 20 years later starring Barbara Eden and Wayne Rogers instead of the right actor. Go figure. Barbara Eden says Larry Hagman wasn't available at the time and they later worked together when she joined the cast of "Dallas" tv-series for the final season or two.

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