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Classic TV's bottled-up sitcom, I DREAM OF JEANNIE was created by best-selling author Sidney Sheldon. The show debuted on NBC on September 18, 1965 and ran through September 1, 1970.

I DREAM OF JEANNIE centers around the mishaps and misadventures of uptight astronaut Anthony Nelson (Larry Hagman) and a genie named Jeannie (Barbara Eden). Nelson discovers Jeannie in a bottle on a desert island during an aborted space mission. He keeps her (or she keeps him)--but he wants to suppress her magical powers and keep her true identity hidden from the human race. Though initial episodes were relatively tame and conventional, this series eventually typified the "far out" style of wild and wacky comedy popular in the latter years of the "swinging sixties."

In addition to bringing up troubling issues about the dominance of men over women in pre-feminist American society, I DREAM OF JEANNIE has a continual streak of sadomasochism, most explicitly expressed by the frequent howls of pain and humiliation shrieked by Major Nelson as a result of mischievous magic perpetrated by Jeannie (or one of her unstable relatives such as her evil twin sister). Equally fascinating are all the unusual occurrences that Jeannie "blinks up" to please her master. Usually, these are mistakenly interpreted as abnormal psychological behavior by Nelson's superior officer, Colonel Alfred Bellows, the base psychiatrist at NASA.

By equating the supernatural fulfillment of wishes with psychological disorder, this series examines and satirizes the fears many older Americans experienced during the 1960s, when society was becoming liberated by the younger generation.

Nevertheless, the show's emphasis was always on lighthearted comedy. Comic actor Bill Daily (as Nelson's girl-chasing, dimwitted astronaut friend Roger Healey) was an essential ingredient in this respect (though he didn't know Tony had a genii for the first 16 episodes), as was the fast-paced editing, expertly timed slapstick (particularly the brilliant pratfalls of Larry Hagman), and witty incidental music of Hugo Montenegro.

Despite her pink chiffon harem pants, red bra, bolero jacket, chiffon-draped headpiece, and giggly, childlike ways, Jeannie is a powerful female figure in TV Land. When Jeannie burst on the scene in 1965-70, women were redefining their roles both at home and in the workplace. Though Jeannie could hardly be seen as a role model, her ambivalence about male domination reflected some female social attitudes of the time.

Jeannie is in love with Tony, her astronaut "sponsor." It was love at first smoke, but her general demeanor, ever since she first materialized from that bottle on the beach, is one of high-energy exuberance. Jeannie has more intuition than all the brass at NASA. She is also stubborn and mischievous. If Tony doesn't want her to do something, she says "OK, Master" and goes ahead and does it anyway. And she'll do anything to get her way: white-lying, pleading, provoking, and particularly, performing magic.

Jeannie's sweeping powers are the real source of tension between her and Tony. The courtship of Jeannie's master ends when they marry (originally on December 2, 1969). Unfortunately, ratings slipped after they got married and it became more of an ordinary sitcom - the same thing happened after Max and 99 were married near the end of Get Smart (also showing on TV Land). The magic continued, though, when animators got hold of Jeannie for Saturday morning cartoons (originally in September of 1973).
Probably the tv series that has the same level of energy today is Dharma & Gregg. There is a magic-based tv series also on ABC (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), but obviously she's not married in the series and problems with her boyfriend rarely approach that of Tony & Jeannie, though Penn (of Penn & Teller) has an occasional role that's almost as good as Paul Lynde's in Bewitched.

I DREAM OF JEANNIE joined Nick at Nite's Classic TV lineup on June 6, 1994, and moved to TV Land in 1998, as well as syndicated reruns on local tv stations. The episodes usually run in order, Mon-Friday on TV Land, any times shown are EST/Pacific:

No episodes currently scheduled anywhere except Japan
The first 30 episodes of "I Dream of Jeannie" are in glorious black and white.

1-The Lady in the Bottle
Astronaut Tony Nelson is stranded on a desert island, where he finds a 2000-year-old genie, named Jeannie, inside a bottle.

2-My Hero
Tony ventures to ancient Persia to avenge an insult made to Jeannie by Ali, an enormous brute.

3-Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon?
Jeannie sneaks along on one of Tony and Roger's desert survival missions -- only Tony doesn't want Jeannie's help.

4-Jeannie and the Marriage Caper
When Melissa, Tony's fiancee, wants to speed up their marriage plans, Tony begins to have second thoughts.

5-G.I. Jeannie
Jeannie joins the WAFs in the hopes of becoming Tony's new secretary.

6-The Yacht Murder Case
On a yacht, everyone is convinced that Tony has killed Jeannie when he tells her to go home and she disappears.

7-Anybody Here Seen Jeannie?
Worried about Tony's safety, Jeannie causes him to fail a physical before an important space launching.

8-The Americanization of Jeannie
Jeannie takes lessons in how to be the "perfect" American woman.

9-The Moving Finger
Jeannie tries her luck at becoming a Hollywood star, only to discover that genies can't be photographed.

10-Djinn and Water
Tony's latest problem: how to turn salt water into fresh. Jeannie brings back her great-grandfather to help.

11-Whatever Became of Baby Custer?
An eight-year-old boy is certain that Jeannie is a genie, prompting Dr. Bellows to psychoanalyze the child.

12-Where'd You Go-Go?
Roger has a date with Jeannie while Tony is dating an old friend.

13-Russian Roulette
Tony is designated to escort a pretty Russian cosmonaut around town, but Jeannie won't hear of it.

14-What House Across the Street?
Jeannie blinks up a phony house and phony parents in her latest attempts at marrying Tony. There was a similar ep of Bewitched, in which Endora creates a house across the street to be close by.

15-Too Many Tonys
Jeannie invents a phony Tony in order to show the real Tony how much fun a real wedding will be.

16-Get Me to Mecca on Time
Jeannie must make a trip to Mecca to perform an ancient ceremony, or else she'll disappear forever.

17-The Richest Astronaut in the World
Roger finally discovers the secret of Jeannie's existence and steals her for his own greedy purposes.

18-Is There an Extra Jeannie in the House?
Trying to help Roger on a date, Jeannie gives him a genie of his own--her cousin Myrt. Roger, however, confuses a female magician for Jeannie's cousin Myrt.

19-Never Try to Outsmart a Jeannie
Jeannie tries to convince Tony that an ocean voyage will be too dangerous unless she comes along.

20-My Master the Doctor
Jeannie fulfills Tony's secret wish of becoming a doctor, only to find that his first patient is Roger.

21-Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper
Tony is captured by Red Chinese spies, leaving Jeannie to rescue her master from certain death.

22-How Lucky Can You Get?
In Reno, Jeannie changes the gambling odds so Roger wins big, only to have it all taken away when Tony finds out.

23-Watch the Birdie
To impress the general, Jeannie helps improve Tony's golf game.

24-Permanent House Guest
Tony must find a way of explaining to Dr. Bellows how an elephant got into his bedroom.

25-Bigger Than a Breadbox
Roger is fooled by a phony fortune teller, and it's up to Tony and Jeannie to save him.

26-My Master the Great Rembrandt
Jeannie turns a duplicate Rembrandt painting into an original, causing Dr. Bellows to start an investigation.

27-My Master the Thief
Jeannie sees a pair of slippers in a museum and takes them home, claiming they belonged to her 2000 years ago.

28-This Is Murder
Jeannie tries to kill a visiting princess because her family insulted Jeannie's 3000 years ago.

29-My Master the Magician
Tony must convince Dr. Bellows that he is a great magician when the doctor catches Tony floating in mid-air.

30-I'll Never Forget What's Her Name
Tony gets amnesia and then falls in love with the first girl he sees-Jeannie.

(color episodes from this point on)

31-Happy Anniversary
Celebrating their first anniversary on the same island where they met, Jeannie and Tony rescue the evil Blue Djinn-who vows to kill his rescuer. Star Trek's Michael Ansara (Barbara Eden's husband at the time) guest-stars.

32-Always on Sunday
Jeannie stops the days of the week and turns every day into Sunday.

33-My Master the Rich Tycoon
Tony must explain to the Internal Revenue how he acquired a house full of famous art, a safe full of money, and a full staff of servants. Paul Lynde makes his first of three guest appearances.

34-My Master the Rainmaker
When snow falls on his house in July, Dr. Bellows believes that Tony knows how to control the weather.

35-My Wild-Eyed Master
Jeannie plays havoc with Tony's vision on an important eye test.

36-What's New, Poodle Dog?
When Roger tells Jeannie he's arranged a double date for Tony and himself, she turns Roger into a French poodle.

37-Fastest Gun in the East
Jeannie sends Tony back to the Old West where he must single-handedly defend a town against rustlers, murderers, and thieves.

38-How to Be a Genie in Ten Easy Lessons
Feeling that Jeannie causes him too much trouble, Tony mistakenly gives her a guide book of tortures from 1001 Arabian Nights to use on him. Roger, knowing what's in the book, insists she follow Tony's order to the letter in hopes that Tony will get disgusted and release Jeannie to him. The troubling question why Tony never bothers to read even a single sentence in this book underlies this entire series' bizarre sense of logic and unreality. As the series progresses, from this episode on, logic and realism are increasingly ignored in favor of surrealistic humor.

39-Who Needs a Green-Eyed Jeannie?
While Tony is on a date, a jealous Jeannie turns his companion into a chimp.

40-The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday (Part 1)
Tony must find out the exact date Jeannie was born before she disappears forever.

41-The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday (Part 2)
Tony tries to keep Dr. Bellows busy while Roger uses a government computer to determine Jeannie's birthday.

42-How Do You Beat Superman?
To make Tony jealous, Jeannie conjures up a phony suitor.

43-My Master the Great Caruso
Through Jeannie's magic, Tony is transformed into one of the greatest singers of all time. Larry Hagman's deliberately tone-deaf singing plus a climax where he exhibits an extraordinary vocal range add extra hilarity to a standard Jeannie plot.

44-The World's Greatest Lover
Feeling sorry for Roger's inability to get a date, Jeannie casts a spell that makes him irresistible to women.

45-Jeannie Breaks the Bank
Jeannie blinks six million dollars into Tony's bank account, leaving him the task of explaining the large sum to Dr. Bellows.

46-My Master the Author
Tony has supposedly written a book on motherhood. Dr. Bellows doesn't believe it and decides to put Tony to the test.

47-Greatest Invention in the World
Jeannie's new spot remover almost lands Dr. Bellows in Iceland when he decides to test the product on General Peterson.

48-My Master the Spy
In Paris, Jeannie blinks up a duplicate Tony, setting Dr. Bellows off on a hunt for spies.

49-You Can't Arrest Me
Jeannie tries to drive Tony's car without a driver's license, which lands them both in court.

50-One of Our Bottles Is Missing
Mrs. Bellows walks off with Jeannie's bottle with Jeannie still inside.

51-My Master, the Civilian
Jeannie shows Tony what his future would be like if he left NASA for a desk job in Ohio.

52-There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had
When Tony decides to send Jeannie away forever, he suddenly realizes he can't live without her.

53-The Greatest Entertainer in the World
To help Tony stage a celebration for General Peterson, Jeannie produces a duplicate Sammy Davis Jr. (who guest-stars as himself). A MUST-SEE EPISODE - Davis displays an acute sense of absurd comedy.

54-The Incredible Shrinking Master
Jeannie accidentally blinks Tony to the size of a mouse, and he is menaced by a cat.

55-My Master the Pirate
Jeannie blinks Tony back to the days of the pirates, where he tries to rescue a woman believed to be his great-great-great-grandmother before he ceases to exist.

56-A Secretary Is Not a Toy
When Jeannie decides Tony should be a general, she almost gets him kicked out of the space program.

57-There Goes the Bride
Jeannie tricks Tony into proposing to her. This causes trouble with Haji, king of all the genies.

58-My Master, Napoleon's Buddy
Tony can't change the course of history when Jeannie takes him to visit Napoleon.

59-The Birds and the Bees Bit
Tony proposes to Jeannie. He thinks she will lose her powers once they are married, but changes his mind when he learns that their children will be genies.

60-My Master, the Swinging Bachelor
At a dinner party, Jeannie bakes a cake that turns the eater back into a child.

61-The Mod Party
Dr. Bellows schedules an outdoor exercise for Tony and Roger on the same night as Roger's Mod party. A MUST-SEE EPISODE, since it colorfully encapsulates a brief but fascinating period in American pop culture: "the Mod era" inspired by Swinging London.

62-Fly Me to the Moon
When Jeannie's blink goes wrong, Tony is almost sent to the moon as a chimp. Guest star: Larry Storch, who played the character Corporal Agarn on "F Troop.".

63-Jeannie or the Tiger
Jeannie's sister tries to steal Tony away from her by blinking him all over the world, including the jungles of Africa. This is the first appearance of Jeannie's brunette sibling (also played by Barbara Eden), who would go on to make eight more appearances. On Bewitched, Samantha also had an "evil twin," her cousin Serena (both played by Elizabeth Montgomery)

64-Second Greatest Con Artist in the World
In Honolulu a conman tries to acquire a rare scarab of Jeannie's, but it's Jeannie who gets the last laugh.

65-My Turned-On Master
Jeannie switches her powers to Tony without telling him, who unknowingly gives them to Dr. Bellows.

66-My Master the Weakling
Jeannie tries to save Tony and Roger from the wrath of a new, tough physical fitness instructor. Don Rickles makes a brilliant guest appearance as a sadist.

67-Jeannie the Hip Hippie
Jeannie assembles a rock group, needed for Mrs. Bellows, so Tony and she can go on vacation. Guest stars: Tommy Boyce AND Bobby Hart, best known as the songwriters for some of The Monkees' top hits, and genius record producer Phil Spector. A MUST-SEE EPISODE for its historic value and its wonderful absurdity (note: Serena also zapped up Boyce & Hart in an ep of Bewitched).

68-Everybody's a Movie Star
Roger thinks he has been chosen for stardom by a famous movie director. Paul Lynde guest-stars, and it is one of his finer moments in TV Land. This episode also exhibits the comic talents of Bill Daily at their very best.

69-Who Are You Calling a Genie?
Dr. Bellows is sent into space as a mouse after Jeannie loses her memory.

70-Meet My Master's Mother
Jeannie gets upset when Tony's mother visits, declaring her son needs someone to take care of him.

71-Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale
Jeannie is jealous when Tony is ordered to escort a glamorous movie star. Carol Wayne guest-stars as Bootsie Nightingale. Jesse White appears as her manager.

72-Tony's Wife
Jeannie's evil sister convinces Jeannie that she is bad luck to Tony and must leave him.

73-Jeannie and the Bank Robbery
When Tony tells Jeannie to help someone other than himself, she unknowingly helps 2 crooks rob a bank.

74-My Son the Genie
The president is coming to Tony's house at the same time as a bumbling new genie-in-training. Bob Denver guest-stars.

75-Jeannie Goes to Honolulu
After Tony tells Jeannie he is off to the North Pole, she finds him on the beach at Waikiki. Hawaiian entertainer Don Ho guest stars.

76-The Battle of Waikiki
Jeannie blinks up King Kamehameha, an ancient Hawaiian King who plans to retake Hawaii.
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Not all episodes of all tv series are available for broadcast for various reasons. Should this be the case, there may be one skipped over here and there. But TV Land is usually pretty good about running episodes in order.

Syndicated reruns of I Dream of Jeannie began on local tv stations nationwide on 9-20-99. These are in different order than TV Land and they don't list ep titles / descriptions on the syndicator's website: ScreenGemsNetwork, but they do have general info and biographies, and it starts with the sights / sounds of the opening color credits at their I Dream Of Jeannie official page.

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