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Food Of The Gods (1976)

(From Joe Bob's Ultimate B Movie Guide)

movie poster Classic version of the H.G. Wells story about an island taken over by giant wasps, giant chickens and an army of giant maniac rats led by one big white rat, and only one man can save us--Marjoe Gortner! Famous for the giant rooster attack, the giant wasp nest scene, the 80-pound rat that eats Ida Lupino, and especially for the climactic sequence in which they throw raw hamburger meat at the rats so you can see them explode whenever a shotgun blast hits em. Made by the man who brought you Village Of The Giants. 4 stars

2000 Joe Bob Briggs. All Rights Reserved. Not an AOL Time-Warner Company in this lifetime.

Food Of The Gods 2 (1989

No giant wasps, no giant rooster attack, and worst of all, no Marjoe Gortner in this belated sequel that changes everything about H.G. Wells' original story, including the food of the gods itself. The icky stuff that you eat right before becoming a giant mutating cancerous cannibal is switched from milky white goo to green serum, perhaps to capitalize on the H.P. Lovecraft craze of the time. Anyhow, little Bobby is 14 feet tall now, kept in an asylum in the woods, while weirdbeard doctors try to wire up some test monkeys for brain research and figure out how to shrink Bobby and cure baldness. Unfortunately, revolutionary animal-rights activists keep breaking into their labs to take Polaroids of the helpless monkeys and rats. Evidently they think it's strange that mild- mannered Dr. Neil Hamilton of Batman would have a 50-pound rat in a cage.

Pretty soon they knock over a cage and--whoops!--we've got a whole army of giant killer rats chewing off body parts all up and down the campus. Paul Coufos steps for Marjoe Gortner, but there's a plot-point change. This time the giant white leader rat is FRIENDLY, and he reluctantly agrees to lead all his hungry buddies to a courtyard where--gulp--the SWAT team waits.
Two breasts.
Twenty-three dead bodies.
Forty-one dead giant rats.
Giant tomatoes.
Giant rat droppings.
Slow-motion aardvarking intercut with rat-nibbling.
One exploding zit face.
Rat Cam.
Arms roll.
Legs roll.
Heads roll.
Heads float.
Gratuitous synchronized swimming.
Gratuitous reference to "rat saliva."
Radiation Fu.
Animal rights Fu.
Flamethrower Fu.
Toupee Fu.
Rat Fu.
With Sean Mitchell as the 14-foot-tall eight-year-old brat ("Get out of my room!"),
Frank Pellegrino as the eager lab assistant ("This is the food of the gods! We're talking the end of world hunger here!"),
Michael Copeman as the investigating cop ("All I see is a dead kid without a face"),
Lisa Schrage of "Prom Night II" fame as the love interest ("Who asked you to play God with those animals?"),
David B. Nichols as the evil college dean ("This is just a car accident").
Coufos has the best line: "Since when do cars eat your liver?" 3 stars

2000 Joe Bob Briggs. All Rights Reserved. Not an AOL Time-Warner Company in this lifetime.

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