The Spell

Chapter 4


"Why do you have to joke like that Mike?" Micky said sounding a bit hurt.

"I'm not, really I'm not, I wouldn't joke about a thing like that" Mike said.

"Where are Peter and Amy?" Davy said with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

Just then Peter walked out of his and Davy's bedroom.

"What were you guys doin' in there?" I said.

"Playing cards or something like that..............."

Peter said while turning a bright shade of red.

Just then Amy walked out of Peter's bedroom.

"What were you doing?" I said seeing if she would give a different answer.

"Playing checkers or something like that..."

Amy said turning even brighter than Peter.

"Guess what Pete, we got a gig" Micky said.

"Why would you joke like that Mik- uh Micky?" Peter said with a sad look on his face.

"I'm not, I'm really not, I wouldn't joke about a thing like that" Micky said.

"Where is it?" Amy asked trying to make everyone forget what had happened a few seconds earlier.

"Well it is at this new club in 2 towns over" Mike said.

"When is it?" Jesse asked.

"This weekend, Friday night, and we get paid" Mike said trying to clue us all in.

"Let's get packed right now!" Davy said. I could tell he was excited.

So we all packed. Jesse, Christie and Amy came in to our room.

"Guys, I am NOT having fun" Jesse said. Amy and I knew the reason she wanted to leave. Davy liked Christie more or he sure acted like it.

"I don't care if you are having fun or not, we are all leaving right now" Jesse said, we all thought she was acting like a brat.

"We're not going to leave just because Davy doesn't like you since Christie showed up" Amy replied with an even bigger attitude than usual.

"Jessica, I finally found someone that I really like, even if it is fake," Sydney commented as if Jesse was no more than a baby.

We all stood there waiting to see her reaction. The guys walk in and wonder what all of the screaming was about.

Davy asked, " What is all the screaming about in here?"

"Well... It's hard to explain" Sydney replied.

Christie finally made up some story about how Jesse was homesick for her hometown, not telling them she was homesick for the real life. The boys buy this excuse and leave it at that. Then the guys decide to leave and finish packing.

" What are we going to do?" Sydney asked.

"Jesse since you're so into the idea of leaving why don't you just go home?" Amy inquired.

"NO, we're all going, this is insane we're not even in real life!!!" Jesse answered.

"Well we're not leaving and since you're so little I don't think there is anyway you can make the rest of us leave. If you don't remember most of us are bigger than you, so you can't make us do anything" Amy told her in her most serious voice.

" You know how to get back, GO!! Why does it matter if we go or not?" Christie finally spoke.

" If I can't have Davy no one can!!" Jesse finally admitted.

We all looked at her like she was some alien. We all had kind of figured that was why but were shocked she would just come out and say it. Just then the door flew open and the boys fell in on the floor.

They were eavesdropping. They all turned bright red.

"Uh, Hi" Micky said trying to act like nothing had happened.

"Can I help you?" I said hoping they didn't hear the beginning of the conversation or the end or any of it for that matter.

Davy looked at Jesse like she was crazy.

"I can't believe you said that" Davy said quietly to Jesse.

"I uh I really like you, I thought we were supposed to be together until this little girl" Jesse said motioning to Christie "came along, she messed everything up."

"I'm not ready to have just one girl," Davy said looking back and forth at Jesse and Christie.

" I really like both of you but if it is going to break up your friendship it's over, both of you"

"No, we weren't that great of friends, really I promise" Jesse said trying to make Davy change his mind.

"No, We can be friends, but nothing more" Davy said with a bit of a sad look on his face.


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