The Spell

Chapter 3


I woke up that morning feeling very happy. I dreamt a very nice dream. The next day we went to a club and we saw the Four Swines.

"Look at the good company" I said sarcastically.

Just then the leader of the Four Swines turned around and looked at me. He was looking at me like he thought I was cute.

"Micky, are you gonna let him look at me like that?" I said very annoyed.

"Hey baby" the leader of the Four Swines said.

"Back off buster, or else or else... I'll be sorry," Micky said.

"MICKY" I said getting a little impatient.

Micky and the rest of the Monkees ended up having to fight the Four Swines. Micky had a black eye, Mike had a split lip, Davy was bruised and Peter had a swollen jaw. Jesse, Amy and I led them to the Monkeemobile. I took the keys from Mike, which took a lot of prying. I started the car and looked back in the rear view mirror and saw these four bruised boys. I caught Micky's eye; we just smiled at each other. We got back to the pad and all sat down on the couch. I got ice for everyone.

"Oh guys, I am so sorry "I said apologetically "I didn't think it would turn out like this."

"It's okay" Davy said "They were being rude to a lady, we had to rough them up."

"Or they roughed us up" Mike mumbled.

We tucked them into bed and then we had a meeting. "Guys, I wanna go home," Jesse said.

"NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO" I said as loud as I could without waking the guys.

"Why Jesse, what's wrong?" Amy who was obviously annoyed, because she had grown quite fond of Peter.

"How bout we say we are going on a trip and we will be back in a day?" Jesse said hopefully.

"I miss home" Jesse said trying to get us agree.

" I cannot believe you, what is wrong with you, are you insane?" I said.

"How bout you go home?" Amy said now very angry.

"Ok fine, we'll go home for a day, then we'll come back the very next day." I said hardly believing myself.

So we wrote them a note said we would be back and not to worry. We said the chant and woke up back in Amy's house. There was a pain inside me that I knew would not go away till I was back at the beach house. I know that sounds corny but I had waited so long to actually be there.

"So what do we do now?" I said trying to conceal my pain.

"Well let's see what everyone else is doing?" Amy said.

So we walked to where everyone was. It was still the same part in the movie. No time had passed while we were at the pad. That was great we weren't wasting time, having the time of our lives.

"Where were you guys?" Christie asked.

"Well hard to explain, but do you wanna go?" I said.

"Sure, but..." She said very unaware of the secret we knew.

"Do you like the Monkees?" Amy said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Yeah, I guess, not as much as say Sydney, but enough" she said now very very confused. "Follow me," Jesse said.

Jesse couldn't stay gone; she missed the guys I could just tell. So now Christie, Amy, Jesse and I went down to the room and sat down on the floor. We said the chant like we had done so may times before. The normal glowing and the bright orange light, which Christie was not used to. Jesse and I had done it so many times before it was just normal now. We were in the familiar beach spot. Christie was just so amazed, I thought she was going to have a heart attack. Luckily she didn't and we walked back. I just realized that my pain was gone. I knew that I would get to see Micky very soon. We walked in the beach house through the back door. Christie looked in the window and she saw Davy.

"Uh oh" I said to Amy "Looks like Jesse is in for a little competition"

Jesse had this very jealous look on her face. I thought she was going to run and kill Christie.

Christie just stood there looking at Davy's brown eyes. She stood there until she noticed we were already inside.

"Well who is this?" Davy said in his best charming voice.

"I' m Christie," she said very softly.

He took her hand and kissed it.

"He never did that to me" Jesse said to me in a very annoyed way.

When she said that I knew something bad was going to happen. I could just see almost hatred in her eyes. I grabbed Micky's hand and whispered in his ear. We walked outside and went and sat in the sand.

"You know you are the grooviest chick I know?" Micky said not really looking in my eyes but behind me.

"Thanks, um I just wanna know, where is our relationship going?" I said, " Are we like a couple or just really close friends?"

He took my hand and helped me stand up. He looked deep into my eyes and said

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Oh yes, yes I will" almost bursting with happiness.

We walked back and it seems we got there at a bad time. Christie and Jesse were arguing over Davy.

"Now girls" I said to them "It's not up to you who Davy likes, it's up to him so just let him choose."

"I hardly know either of ya, just hold on and I'll see who I fancy more."

We just realized we were missing Peter and Amy. Micky and I looked at each other and we knew where they were. Just then the phone rang.

"Hello" Mike said.

"Yup.............. Sure..............Can do" Mike said.

"Who was that?" Micky asked.

"We got a gig boys," Mike said with a grin on his face.


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