The Spell

Chapter 2

"What is wrong Sydney?" Amy said.

"I was, I was with the Monkees" I managed to say.

"Yeah in your dreams right?" She said not believing me.

"Well, uh, wait I can prove it" not really knowing how.

"SAND" Jesse whispered.

"Huh?" I said.

"SAND" she said louder.

"Oh, look it's my proof, sand" I said " How could I of gotten sand in my shoe with out going there?"

"How could you of gone there?" Amy said "And where is there?"

"I went to the Monkees beach house, you know, like on the TV show" I said hoping she would get it now.

"I kissed Micky, the crazy one" I said remembering.

"Prove it," Amy said putting her hands on her hip.

"Ok, I will take you there right now" I said confidently.

"What about the other guests, am I supposed to just leave them?" Amy inquired.

"Yeah, who cares about them?"

So we sat in a circle and held hands. So we said the chant over and over like we had done before. Amy was scared. She didn't know what was going on. I was just hoping I could get back to Micky. I could tell Jesse was thinking about Davy. We were glowing by then and the room filled with the same orange light.

There we were in the same spot on the beach. It was like 2:30 at the time. We had to figure out a way to get Amy in the house. We decided to say she needed a place to stay so we let her share a room with us. I woke up and snuck to the kitchen to start making breakfast. I made pancakes. I made each of us a pancake of their initials. Davy was the first one up.

"Ello luv" he said.

"Hey Davy, did you have a good nights sleep?" I said as I was cooking Peters pancakes.

"Yes, did you?" he said while he slowly walked towards the table.

"Not really, I had a nightmare" I said which was sort of true.

"Groovy pancakes" he said as Micky walked down the stairs. "I have never seen Micky get up this early for anything, not even for food."

"Hey Sydney, I smelled the pancakes and I just had to get up" Micky said groggily.

"Micky baby, come eat my wonderful pancakes." I said in a weird accent.

"These are the best looking pancakes I have ever eaten" he said as Mike walked down the stairs and Peter skipped out of the door.

They all sat down and started eating their pancakes. We decided to go shopping and get some cool threads. Just then Amy walked out of the door with Jesse following.

"Who is that?" Peter said with a cute look on his face.

"Uh that's Amy she needed a place to stay, she can sleep in our room and she will help with the rent. I pleaded, directing my response more to Mike than anyone else.

"Yeah sure baby, that's fine" he said seeing Peter's facial expression.

Right then we could all tell Peter liked Amy. I really didn't know how Amy was going to cope, she is a very modern girl. She seemed to fit right in. I had to get some more clothes. Amy was wearing a short mini-dress with yellow daisies all over it. She had on big white go-go boots. We all jumped in the Monkeemobile and drove off to town. We all walked into this clothing store. I bought this short dress with purple, blue and green flowers on it. I also bought a pair of black go-go boots. I don't know where I got the money, it just appeared in my pocket. Jessie bought a pair of bell-bottoms with flowers embroidered into the fabric. Micky bought some love beads. Nobody else bought anything.

We walked down to the Vincent Van Gogh-Gogh. We danced until we were so tired, we walked outside and it was dark. We drove back to the pad. We all got our swimsuits on and went out on the beach. We ran in the waves and ran in the sand. Micky grabbed my hand and we ran off down the beach. He held my hands and grabbed something that was in his pocket. They were love beads that he had made. They were purple and blue, my favorite colors. Peter had picked Amy up and ran into the water with her. She put her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. They were so cute. Micky and I were walking up when they were coming back to shore.

"Peter, isn't so bad, now is he?" I whispered to her.

"Shut up" she said and she turned around and grabbed Peter's hand.

We walked into the pad. It was really late. I fell asleep in Micky's arms. Something shocking would happen soon and it would scare all of us.


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