The Spell

By: sydney

I was really into the Monkees. I had anything and everything that had to do with the Monkees. All my friends thought I was crazy. They like Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees and the other new groups. I thought they just all sounded the same. Since I liked the

Monkees, I wore clothes that were from the sixties. I had bell-bottoms and grew my hair out really long. I listened to their cd or record atleast once a day. I wished I could meet them. But I knew that would never happen. One day I went to the library to look up a book for school. I was in a play about magic and things like that. I went to this dusty little corner of the library. There were books about spells and potions and other weird stuff. I was flipping through the book and there was a spell for time travel. I closed the book and went to go check it out.

That night I went over to my friend Amy's house cause she was having a party. There were some of my good friends. My buddy Jesse and I were looking through the book.

"We should do it just for fun" I said.

"But what if it really works?" she asked.

"Then we will just have fun in the sixties" I said already knowing we were going to meet the Monkees.

"Okay, but if something happens it is your fault" she said warily.

So went to a empty room and lit a couple of candles. We sat down on the floor and read the instructions. "It says to hold hands and says this chant over and

over" I read aloud.

"What is the chant?" she asked happily.

"Sixties is where we want to go, so take us there" I said.

I thought it was a very odd chant but we both said it.

"Sixties is where we want to go, so take us there. Sixties is where we want to go, so take us there," we said together over and over.

We looked at each other and noticed we were both glowing and room then filled with bright orange light. I gripped Jesse's hand harder.

"What have we done?" I said quietly.

Just then we were on the beach still holding hands. We had on very retro bell-bottoms and groovy short sleeved shirts. I was so happy when I saw what I saw. It was the Monkees beach house. Just then I realized we were in the TV show not in real life. I liked that a lot.

"We have to have a plan to get into their house" I told Jesse.

"Like what?" she asked.

"How bout we say we are fans, which is true, and we just wanted to meet them, which is also true?" I said.

So we trudged through the sand trying not to get in our boots. We got to their front door and I knocked on their door. The little door opened but I only saw the top of someone's head.

"That's Davy" I whispered so he couldn't hear me. Just then Davy opened the door and invited us in. We walked in and saw Mike grooming his wool hat, Micky reading the newspaper, and Peter playing chess by himself.

"Who are you?" Mike asked.

"Uh..well we are fans of yours and we just wanted to meet you guys" I said hoping they would believe me.

"Wait we don't have fans," Micky exclaimed.

"Really, we like you guys we heard you play your last gig" Jesse said.

"Goodie we have fans" Peter said to himself.

"Come sit down" Micky said motioning to his lap.

I just giggled and went and sat really close to him. I started talking to him. Jesse was talking to Davy.

"We need a place to stay, do you know where we could get a cheap apartment?" I said sweetly. Hoping they would get my hint.

"Peter, Davy and Micky come here I need to talk to you," Mike said to his buddies.

"How old are you guys?" Peter asked. We then realized we were 19 not 13 anymore.

Jesse and I just looked at each other. "Well.." I said slowly "We are both nineteen."

I think she was falling for Davy. She tolerated the Monkees before but I knew she was loving them now, especially Davy.

"Well after much consideration" Davy said, "we decided you guys could stay here."

"But you have to help with the rent" Mike finished.

"Of course" I said happily.

So we lived there with the Monkees helping with their gigs and Jesse and I cooked. Our cooking was better than Peter's. One night, we decided to go for a walk on the beach. I put on this long flowing canvas type white dress. It was really pretty. We ran up and down the beach. Micky was putting his jacket on when I grabbed it and started running down the beach.

"Hey get back here he yelled. He stared to run after me.

We ran to a secluded part of the beach. He tackled me and we fell to the ground. We stopped laughing and we were just looking into each other's eyes. He touched my lips very gently. He then held my neck and pulled me in closer to him. We kissed a very passionate kiss. I had never kissed any bosy like that before. He jumped up. I jumped on his back and we ran down the beach.

"Hey guys will you play for us?" I asked.

"Sure thing luv" Davy said.

They played Valleri and Words which and 2 of my favorite songs. I closed my eyes and just soaked all of this in. That night I went to sleep very happy. I woke up with a start because somebody was shaking me.

"Sydney, Sydney.....Sydney wake up" somebody said.

Oh no, I recognized the voice. It was Amy. I was back at her house and not in the beach house. I looked over at Jesse and she had a sad look on her face. I felt something on my cheek, it was tears. I was sobbing very loud. I couldn't help it.

"Sydney what's wrong?" Amy asked.

"I uh I uh nothing just (sob) don't worry about (sob) it" I managed to get out.

I was determined to get back to Micky.


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