Part 7. After the Gig

21-5-67 Mon

Dear Sophie,

Today Peter and I have been charged with doing the shopping. I donít know how itíll turn out but Iíll tell you later.

Well Iím back. I couldnít believe him at first. He just went on like nothing had happened the other night. Then I realised. He was only comforting me. It probably meant nothing to him. I donít feel like writing. Iím too depressed. Later.


22-5-67 Tue

Dear Sophie,

What is wrong with me? It seems like Peter is avoiding me or something. Itís probably my imagination. Maybe Iím expecting too much. I donít know. I canít write. Itís just not working for me at the moment. See ya.


25-5-67 Fri

Dear Sophie,

Micky must have noticed how depressed I was feeling. First he tried to cheer me up with jokes, and when that didnít work he tried talking.

"Whatís wrong Eb? Youíve been moping around all week."

"Oh, nothing."

"Donít tell me that. Did you have a fight with Peter or something?"

"No." I said defensively.

"Then what? You can either tell me or Iíll get Pete to talk to you."

"No, not that. I donít want to talk to him at the moment."

"Why not? Has it got something to do with Saturday night?"

"Well, sort of. What do you know?"

"That you were upset and he comforted you."

"Yeah, well thatís basically it."

"How do you mean?"

"Nothing happened."

"Oh, I see. I donít think he sees you in that way Eb. But I could be wrong. The best way to find out is ask him."

"Iím not going to ask him."

"Why not?" I looked at him as he should know the answer. He got it eventually. "You donít want to get hurt." I shook my head. "But arenít you already hurt?"

"I donít know. Iím too confused now."

"Donít worry Eb. Iíll see what I can do. Itíll work out."

"Thanks Mick."

After that I felt better. Iím glad it was him I talked to and not Mike or Davy. For some reason I donít think it would have turned out the same way. Especially not Davy. I still feel weird about when we kissed. Iíll keep you up to date, so until then ciao.


26-5-67 Sun

Dear Sophie,

Iíve got news. Micky talked to Peter. He said that he didnít know how he felt.

"I hope you didnít mention me."

"Well, I kinda had to Eb."

"No, not like that. You didnít tell him that I wanted to know did you?"

"What do you think? I wouldnít do something like that to you Eb."

"Sorry. So thatís all he said? I donít know how I feel about Ebony."

"Yeah, sort of. He said his feelings were mixed."


"Donít worry Eb. Heíll come round." I smiled. "You know, I shouldnít be telling you this, but I feel I should."

"What? That he doesnít know how he feels?"

"No. Itís just that he hasnít got all that much experience with girls, being shy and that. I suppose that could be holding him back. Maybe he doesnít want to be hurt either."

Thatís the news Soph. Now I donít know what to do. What do you think?"



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