Part 8. Birthday

27-5-67 Mon

Dear Sophie,

On Friday itís my birthday. My 21st. I did mention when I got here that my birthday is the first of June. I donít know if they remembered or anything. I donít feel like I should go and tell them or anything. I just hope theyíre not planning some huge party for me.


29-5-67 Wed

Dear Sophie,

Thank-god. Micky mentioned my birthday. I expressed my concerns about a party. They said it was ok. They hadnít planned one.

"Good." I said

"Why donít you want a party Eb?" Davy asked

"Iím not really a party person."

"Oh. Then how should we celebrate? It is your 21st after all." I shrugged my shoulders.

"How Ďbout we take you out to dinner?" suggested Mike

"Um, yeah. Thatís ok."

"Itís settled then. Weíll take you out to Chez Chef."

So thatís what's happening on my birthday. Davyís bringing his girlfriend Tina, Mickyís bringing Polly and Mike is going to let us meet his new girlfriend Laura. I know. I canít believe it either. I just didnít imagine Mike having a girlfriend. I know, itís pretty stupid. He is good looking. Almost sexy even. But Iím glad for him. I wonder what sheís like? After Iíve met her Iíll tell all.

But back to dinner. I said everyone is bring a girlfriend, except Peter. Maybe my birthday will be the day, you know a birthday present. I can just imagine. The others have given me my present, and Iím waiting for him to give one to me. Heíll say "I got you a different present." And Iíll say "Really? What is it then?" and heíll stand me up, take off my glasses (which shouldnít be there) and kiss me deeply and passionately. Then heíll tell me he loves me, and weíll ride off into the sunset on a white horse.

Yeah, yeah. Iím only dreaming. But itís nice to dream, isnít it?

Love Ebony

30-5-67 Thurs

Dear Sophie,

Tomorrow is my birthday. And today is boring. Iíve been left at home alone while they shop for presents. Well, what can I talk about? Remember that Mike said that Iíd have to pay rent once I get a job? Well, that hasnít happened yet. Iíve applied for jobs, but I just havenít got them. Itís quite depressing actually. Iím on unemployment benefits anyway, so I do help out a bit. Being unemployed is much easier in the sixties than it is in the nineties. I was unemployed then, and on benefits. I was called a Job Seeker, and had to look for 4 jobs a fortnight and write them down in my Job Seeker Diary, or I didnít get paid. Not that it was much anyway. $60 a fortnight. You see the amount you got on Youth Allowance depended on you parents income. Pretty stupid eh? Anyway thatís just a bit of info on the future. The guys are back, so Iíll go for now. Ciao!

Love Ebony

2-6-67 Sat

Dear Sophie,

Well, Iím 21. Iím now legal. Not that it means much. I was legal at 18 in Australia. I donít do much of that stuff anyway. You know, drinking, going to clubs, pubs etc.

Anyway Iíll tell you about my birthday. It wasnít too bad. Except that Peter didnít take me away into the sunset on a white horse. He gave me a really nice necklace with a moon on it. Iíll never take it off. He kissed me on the cheek when he gave it to me. Anyway I also got a book from Mike, a head band from Davy and a record from Micky - Sgt Pepper. Good thing I love that album so much.

We went out at 7. I had a pretty good time. Laura is really nice, but sheís short. Itís quite a contrast seeing her stand next to Mike. I wonít go on with the boring details, like what we ate etc. We were invited by Tina to a camp out next weekend at her grandparents farm. She said that some of her other friends were going as well, and sheíd be glad if all of us came. I donít know if Iíll go.

That didnít take long. Oh well, it wasnít all that exciting. Nothing to tell really. Bye!


4-6-67 Mon

Dear Sophie,

Peter wants me to come to the camp out.

"Itíll be fun."

"Oh, I donít know. Iím not too good with crowds."

"Come on. Iím going, and so are the others."

"I donít know. Maybe."

"Iíll miss you if you donít." Then he walked away.

That made up my mind Sophie. I hope I donít regret it.


5-6-67 Tue

Dear Sophie,

The guys have been offered a gig in two weeks at the Club Cassandra. Theyíre taking it of course. Theyíre glad they still get to go to the camp out. Iím not. The only reason Iím going is because Peter wants me to go. I just have this feeling about it. Maybe Iím just being paranoid.


8-6-67 Fri

Dear Sophie,

Weíre going today. Tina is picking us up in her parents van at 3. She told us not to pack extra clothes because there is nowhere for us to change. Weíve got to bring sleeping bags, pillows and a bit of food. Well, Soph sheíll be here any minute now, so Iíll see you after the camp out. Bye.

Love Ebony


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