Part 6.The Gig

20-5-67 Sun

Dear Sophie,

The gig was last night. They played, the girls screamed for Davy. That was usual. What wasnít though was that Peter and I went into another stage of our relationship. Well, when I say relationship, I mean friendship. Sort of. Well, youíll understand better when I explain.

I was sitting at a table, watching the guys play and the people around, dancing and having fun. I realised that I wasnít doing that. I started to feel depressed, like I used to when people dragged me to parties. Itís hard to explain exactly how I felt, but Iíll try for you Sophie. It was like everyone else was ignoring me, I suppose. Anyway I began to feel upset. I told myself not to, I didnít want to, but depression took over. Iím not really a crowd person. Eventually I couldnít take it anymore. The guys were up to one of their last songs. Mary, Mary I think. I had to go outside. I went out and sat on the steps, and began to cry. I donít exactly know why, but I felt I had to. I was missing home and feeling depressed, so it must have been a mixture. Peter must have seen me, because not long after I heard the music stop, he was sitting next to me, arms around my shoulders.

"Eb, whatís wrong?" he asked affectionately. I shrugged my shoulders and kept on crying. "Do you feel sick?" I shook my head "What then? You can tell me."

"I donít know" I sobbed "I miss my Mum."

"Hey, thatís alright." He said as he ran his fingers through my hair. I lay my head on his chest, and he continued to pat me. It was really comforting. I remember when I was on prac at Childcare centres the staff always patted the children to sleep.

After a while I stopped.

"You okay now?" I nodded "Well, are you alright to come inside?" I shook my head.

"I just want to stay here for a bit longer." I sniffled.

"Thatís fine. Take as much time as you want."

I leant into him, and held his hand which was still around me. It felt right, you know Sophie. I didnít want this moment to end.

"Thanks." I said after a while.

"Thatís ok."

"Can we go inside now?"

"Whatever you want Ebony."

We got up and went back inside, holding hands. I suppose it was out of support, but still. Then I realised that I couldnít see and put my glasses back on.

"You want to dance?" Peter asked me.

I smiled. "Yeah, I do."

It was a slow song and he held me. We rocked back and forth in time with the music. We didnít say anything, just felt the moment. Let our other senses do all the work. After that song it was time to go. The others had packed up already, and were tired, well Mike was anyway.

Micky drove, Davy sat next to him, Mike took up all of the next row, and Peter and I sat in the back. I fell asleep, so he must have carried me to bed.

Well, Soph. What do you think? That was an incredible night. Things around the house are pretty much normal. Iíve been in dreamland all day, so I didnít notice much. I think I heard the guys talking about me though. I walked into the room and the conversation changed. I thought I heard Peter telling the others about last night, but I could be wrong. Oh, well Iím sick of writing, so Iíll go now. Iíll report back later. Bye.

Love Eb.


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