Part 5. Non-Events

17-5-67 Thurs

Dear Sophie,

The last few days have really been a non event. I didnít do anything exciting, except perhaps go to the library, with guess who? We go a lot, as weíre both fast readers. The others donít really read books. Anyway, I have fun on my trips with Peter. Sometimes we have a competition to see who can read a book the fastest. Itís usually him, but I have beat him a few times. Ok. Twice. But that doesnít matter. Yesterday we went to the library.

"Have you finished that book you were reading?"

"Yeah. I finished it yesterday. Thatís why weíre here now."

"If we were back home you could read my favourite books ever."

"Really? What books were they?"

"You wouldnít have heard of them. Theyíre by a guy called John Marsden. He wrote this series of books about an invasion in Australia and these kids who fight to save their country."

"Sounds interesting."

"Not just interesting, brilliant. Once you start reading, you canít put them down."

"That good eh?"

"Yep." We walked around to the adult fiction section and started looking through the paperbacks. Just to see I went round to M and looked for Marsden. I scanned the shelf, but there was no sign of Tomorrow When The War Began. Oh well. Worth a try wouldnít you say Soph?

Well, we found some satisfactory books, borrowed them, and then went back to the pad.

I told you it wasnít all that exciting, although doing anything with Peter is quite exciting for me! Now donít you tell anyone! Yeah right. As if youíd tell. Itíd be either my fault or the other personís fault if they found out. Did that make sense? Doesnít matter. This is only for me and you to know. Ciao for now Sophie

Love Eb

18-5-67 Fri

Dear Sophie,

Whatís the world coming too when a girl canít read a book in peace? What am I complaining about? I was trying to read today, but the guys had other plans. They were rehearsing. Theyíre pretty good, for a manufactured band. Ok, ok. That was harsh. Iíll try to remember Iím living in TV land. Anyway they were rehearsing for a gig tomorrow night at the Vincent Van Gogh Gogh (I know. Another lame name). Since itís 1967 they did all their early popular songs like Last Train To Clarksville, Iím a Believer, Mary Mary etc. I sat and listened to them, and gave feedback about how they sounded. Apart from that nothing much happened.



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