Part 4. The ‘Date’

14-5-67 Mon

Dear Sophie,

Today something happened. I was at home, reading. Micky burst in and wanted to talk to me. You’ll never guess what he wanted. He wanted me to go out with him. No not in that way. He took me out for a soda because he wanted to have a chance with a girl - Polly. The only thing was that she wouldn’t have a drink with him unless he got a ‘date’ for her twin brother. Since I was the only girl he knew that he hadn’t gone out with, I was it.

"Do you even know what he looks like Mick?"

"Well, if he’s anything like his sister…"

"Yeah, yeah. Well, if anything goes wrong I blame you."

Micky smiled and before long we were parked outside the ‘Sweet Shaker’ (Yeah, I know that name is pretty lame, but anyway)

"Here we are. Can you take off your glasses Eb?"

"You know I can’t see without them."

"Worth a try." We walked in and Micky scanned the place. "Looks like they aren’t here yet." He walked over to a table and sat down. I followed him.

"So, what’s this Penny like anyway?"

"It’s Polly, and she’s gorgeous. Long brown hair, big brown eyes…" While Micky was in dreamland I spotted a guy and girl walking towards us.

"Mick, I think they’re here." He turned round and smiled.


"Hi Micky. This is my brother Billy."

"Hi. This is Ebony. A friend."

"And nothing more." I added.

Polly and Billy say opposite us. Billy was ok looking, but nothing special. Micky ordered lemonades for us, and he and Polly began to chat. That left Billy and I. After a few seconds silence I began. I asked him what it’s like being a twin. Boy did I regret that! He was so boring. He went on and on about how he and his sister compete. He was so up himself. Micky and Polly seemed to be getting along. I drank my lemonade, then excused myself to go to the loo. I took as much time as I could. When I came out Billy and Polly were gone.

"Where did those two get to?"

"Apparently their parents wanted them home."

"Not a moment too soon."


"What, weren’t you and Polly getting on?"

"If you had noticed she was doing all the talking, about herself."

"I know what you mean. Billy was the same way."

On our way home we made fun of them, how they’ll probably get married together and stuff like that.

I had a good time with Micky today. And he didn’t even make fun of my name.

See you for now.

Love Ebony


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