Part 3. The Kiss

12-5-67 Sat.

Dear Sophie,

Stuff that has happened to me is pretty weird. I now have to wear my glasses all the time, or I canít see. They used to be just for reading. Also before I came I had a temporary tattoo of a snake around my leg. It hasnít gone. I think itís become permanent. I donít think anyone has noticed yet, and if they have they havenít said anything about it. At least I didnít dye my hair. I like my blond hair. Itís around the same length as Peterís, except my hair is layered.

I get along with Peter really well. He says he believes what happened to me, and not to worry about the others. Theyíll get used to me. I hope.

"Thanks for letting me stay here."

"It was mainly Mikeís idea. He says he felt sorry for you, being all alone."

I smiled. I didnít expect it to be Mikeís idea. I thought it was Peterís.

"Iíll thank him one day."

"Itíd better be one day rather than a day. He doesnít like being thanked, and he didnít want you to know it was his idea to have you here, so you didnít hear it from me."


That was the end of that conversation, because Mike walked in.

"Howís the beach?" Peter asked.

"Davyís beiní harassed by a multitude of girls." We smiled. "I told him not to bring Ďem here."

"Why not?" I asked "Donít you appreciate all those girls?"

"Not when theyíre all only 13, 14 or 15."

"Oh. Like the older woman then?"

"You could say that I spose."

Mike went to sit down on the couch, when Davy burst in, shirtless.

"Didnít you leave here with a shirt Davy?" Peter asked

ĎYeah, but they took it." He pointed back outside.

"I thought I told you not to bring Ďem here." Mike said

"Well, you try losing a bunch of teenage girls chasing you." Davy countered.

Mike grunted and lay back down, covering his eyes at the same time. Peter looked outside and frowned.

"How do you suppose we get rid of them then?"

"Well, they usually suddenly lose interest if Iíve got a girlfriendÖ" Davy and Peter looked at me.

"Oh, no. Iím not pretending to be your girlfriend."

"Oh, come on Eb. You donít want them hanging around looking at us all day."


"Itís not very hard. Just let me do all the work. You donít have to do anything."

"But theyíre going to think Iím your girlfriend every time they see me."

"So. Itíll just be until I find another. Please. I donít want them hanging around all day."

"Ebony, just do it." Mike said

"Come on Eb. Whatís so bad about having me pay heaps of attention to you?"

I looked at Peter. So far he hadnít said anything.

"Thereís no harm in it Eb. Itís not for real. Iím getting pretty sick of them. Do it for me, if not for Davy."

I sighed. I couldnít really argue with Peter. "Okay. Just until theyíre gone."

The others smiled.

"Ok luv, come Ďere. Weíve got to hug." Davy ordered, arms extended.

I sighed again, and put on a fake smile. I got up and went over to Davy. He hugged me, so I hugged back.

"Whatís happening? Are they going yet?" I asked.

"Nope. I donít think they believe you two." Peter answered

Davy began to run his hand through my hair. He ran his other hand down my side, until it came to my backside. He left it there. I flashed a look at Peter. He shook his head. He looked at them, them back at me and gave a look to say ĎYou have to helpí

So I did. And to tell you the truth Soph I began to enjoy myself for a bit. I ran my hands down his bare back, and up again. I ran my hand through his hair. I looked at Peter. Not yet. I didnít know what else to do, but Davy did. He took of my glasses and kissed me. And for a split second I kissed back. It was quite nice actually. Anyway after that they had gone. Davy let go of me, handed back my glasses and continued on with his life as if nothing had happened.

I was pretty shaky after that. It was weird. It was as if I was the light of his life, and then, nothing. I went and lay on my bed. After a while someone knocked on the door. It was Peter.

"If I didnít know better, Ebony Ivory, I would say you started to enjoy yourself, while getting rid of those girls." I didnít answer. "Donít worry about it Eb. He wonít bring it up, neither will Mike or I. Micky wonít find out, hopefully."

"Itís not that, I meanÖ oh, I donít know." I sat up and leant against the wall. Peter sat down on the other end.

"You didnít want that to be your first kiss?" he asked softly


"Davy told me."

"How did he know?"

"Heís got a lot of experience Eb."


"Do you mind if I ask you a; personal question?" I shook my head. "How is it that a girl like you has never been kissed before?" I paused for a bit "You donít have toÖ"

"No," I cut him off "itís all right. I was an outcast at school. I had no friends."

"Oh, Eb. Iím sorry."

"Thatís ok. I was never much good at being social."

"Youíre not too bad at it now."

"Yeah, well I did gain confidence in the last few years. I did a childcare course last year. That really helped me."

"Um, are you alright, you know, being here?"

"Oh, yeah. I decided that when I left Griffith I would change. Try and be a bit more social. Of course, you guys being so nice, and you, being so understanding, it really helped. Iíve got heaps more confidence now."

Peter smiled. "Well, Iím glad. And donít worry about Davy. Heís pretty private." With that Peter left.

What do you think Sophie? Thatís what happened the other day. I donít think Davy will dwell on it, but I know I will. I think that I wonít count that as my first kiss. Iíll wait for a proper one. From Peter, hopefully.

Itís pretty late, so Iíll leave it for now. Bye!

Love Ebony.


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