Part 2. The Guys

12-5-67 Night time.

Dear Sophie,

Iím sorry that the rendition of how I got my clothes was so short. You were probably expecting something longer. I had to shorten it because a) Peter wanted me to come to the library and b) It would have taken forever to tell you every detail. Geez she can talk! She and Davy have broken up now anyway. Heís seeing some girl called Rita I think.

Since that day nothing else really happened. Nothing exciting anyway. I was given a tour of Malibu by Micky, a tour of the library from Peter, and I went to a gig of theirs the other night. All the girls were of course drooling over Davy. The others didnít really seem to have individual fans, but I wasnít really looking.

Well, thereís no news to tell you, so I think Iíll tell you about the guys. Thereís not much difference from the Monkees on TV. Except one really big difference. Peter. Heís not dumb, like on the show, but heís not a genius either. Heís just normal, and incredibly sweet. Sort of a SNAG - Sensitive New Age Guy. But that terminology was invented in the nineties. I think that if he was in the nineties, some people might say he was gay because he gets along with women so well. But heís not. Definitely not. Davy and Micky arenít much different than what I expected. Davy has girls coming for him in every direction, and a new girlfriend every week. Micky is a prankster, but can be sweet if he tries. Mike. Well, Iím not really sure what to say about him. Heís tall, lanky and Texan. He seems to be the leader, and father-figure, sort of.

Iím getting tired, Iíll leave it there for now. See you later!



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