Authors Note: Hi! My name is Caroline and I am from Australia. This character Ebony is loosely based on me. Most of the interests are the same and some other personal things, but apart from that this is entirely made up. I had to make up heaps of things because as Ebony says in the first entry you can hardly find anything out here, especially on the Monkees. Oh, and this is all in Ebonyís point of view, so thereís not heaps of stuff going on between the guys written down. And another thing, Some of this gets pretty heavy as it goes along, so Iíd have to rate it M for mature audiences - it contains sexual references and occasional course language. (Thatís how the rating system goes here in Australia. M means you should be 15 years old) Anyway Iíd love feedback on this so please e-mail me at Enjoy!



Part 1. The Beginning

10-5-67 Wed

Dear Sophie,

Hello. Iím writing to tell you about what happened to me. You are the only person who I think would believe me. I not sure I even believe myself, but I have to donít I. It happened and Iím here. Iíve been here for a few months now and Iím just getting the hang of the place. At the least the guys have been supportive, sort of. Anyway thatís enough of that. Iíll tell you how it started.

I was on the internet at home (Youíll find out what that is one day) just surfing and mucking around. Iím a huge Beatles fan, and being a fan I started to get interested in the sixties and bands from the sixties. I bought all the Beatles albums (on CD) including Past Masters Vol. 1&2, The Red and Blue Albums and Anthology 1, 2 &3. After I had bought all of them I thought I needed more music. I decided to start collecting other bands CDs. The Byrds, Manfred Mann, Donovan, The Kinks, The Loviní Spoonful, The Small Faces, The Mammaís and the Papaís and of course The Monkees.

Anyway, I was looking up the Monkees on the net, because I didnít know all that much about them. (ĎAll that muchí by my standards was everything) Their TV show wasnít being shown at the time, where I lived (Australia) and you could hardly get any books or CDs on them. I did have a few things though, and that got me through until I could find more.

I typed in ĎThe Monkeesí at and came up with a heap of hits. Because there were so many I decided to put on my glasses, because I figured Iíd be reading a lot. I scrolled down the page to find a site that looked interesting. Then I saw it. "1335 Beechwood. Come visit The Monkees in their groovy pad" I thought this looked pretty cool, so I clicked on it and that was the last I saw of my computer, my bedroom, my family, friends, Australia. In fact everything I had come to love throughout my 20 years of life.

Well Soph, Iíll have to leave you stewing for tonight - Iíve got to go, but I promise Iíll tell you what happened tomorrow. Bye!


11-5-67 Thurs

Dear Sophie,

Iím back! See, I told you I would be. Just before I continue, I want to tell you something. Iím going to reveal everything in as much detail as possible. Iím naturally a writer, so thatís what I do. Iím going to do this so in years to come you can tell others my story, perhaps my children and their children. Well, enough of that, on with the story.

I found myself at 1334 Beechwood. At the door, wondering where I was and what to do. I think Micky must have seen me from the window, because he opened the door and asked " Can I help you?"

"I think Iím lost." I said in a daze

"Well, youíd better come in I suppose." He showed me in and I looked around. I saw Peter reading a book, Davy on the phone and Mike lying on the couch. "Hey guysÖ" Peter, Davy and Mike looked up. "This girl says sheís lost."

"Are you lost?" Mike asked

"Um, yeah. Iím pretty sure Iím not where I was."

"Where were you?" asked Peter


"Whereís that?" asked Davy

"Ah,Ö Australia."

The Monkees looked at each other.

"Australia? How did you get from there to here?"

"I donít know. I was just a home, thenÖ"

"Then what?" asked Mike

"I was here. I donít know what happened."

"Ok. Are you all right? I mean have you hit your head or somethiní?"

"No. This is really weird. I was at home, on the computerÖ"

"The computer?" Micky asked

"Yeah, and I clicked on a link, then I was outside your place."

"A link?" asked Peter "Iím sorry, but Iím not sure what youíre going on about."

"Me neither. Are you sure you didnít hit your head?" Davy asked

"Yes, Iím sure. What year is it?"

"1967." Mike answered


At that point in time I realised where I was, and who I was talking to. I sat down, feeling a bit shaky. I also realised I still had my glasses on, so I took them off. Everything was blurry. I thought my eyes were adjusting or something. But they didnít. I put them back on again and everything was clear. ĎOh greatí I thought. ĎNow I have to wear glasses full time. At least their not crappy sixties glasses.í

"Um, whatís your name?" Micky asked, interrupting my train of thought.

"Oh, Iím Ebony."

"Hi. Iím Micky, thatís Davy, Peter and Mike."

I pretended that I didnít know them, so I didnít complicate things more. "Hi."

"Why did you ask what year it is?" Mike asked me

"Oh, um, you probably wouldnít believe me."

"Try me."

"Okaaaay. When I was at home, in Australia, it was the yearÖ" I trailed off

"The year what?"

"Um, 2000." I looked at them waiting for some reaction. They just looked at me strangely. I think they thought I was some sort of whacko or something, so I tried to explain. I told them about what my life was like in the new millennium, about technology and stuff. They looked at me even weirder Soph. At that time I started to feel dizzy and I passed out.

So thatís what happened on our first encounter. They thought I was a weirdo, and that I hit my head. I knew Mike wouldnít believe me. But someone did. And thatís another story Sophie, because this has taken me ages, and Iím tired. Iíll see you tomorrow.


12-5-67 Fri

Dear Sophie,

Hi. I just realised I stopped without finishing the story. Itís pretty early in the morning, so you might hear from me again later today. Anyway, hereís the rest of the story. I left it at when I passed out. What happened when I woke up is still part of the story.

I woke up the next morning. I forgot where I was for a bit then I remembered. I couldnít see properly. So I put on my glasses. This was weird. I didnít need them before, but now I do. I donít know how long I slept, but the guys were having breakfast.

"Morniní sleepy head." Mike said

"Morning, I think." I replied

"Would you like some breakfast?" Peter asked

""Um, yeah. Could I have some toast?"

"Yes. What would you like on it?"

"I donít suppose youíd have vegemite?"

"Ah, no..."

"Donít worry. I think you can only find it in Australia."

"Oh. Then what else would you like?"

"Um, whatever you have I suppose. Iím not too fussy."

I sat down at the table and waited. The silence was kind of awkward. I didnít really fit. After what seemed like ages Peter brought me toast and jam. I started to eat.

"So, Ebony" Mike started "Tell us about yourself, what youíre really like."

I looked up from my plate to find everyone staring at me. I swallowed my mouthful.

"Apart from what I told you yesterday?" He nodded "Um, Ok. My name is Ebony Ivory, and before you say anything, I know all the jokes about my name - black and white, elephant tusks, rhino horns etcetera." I stopped to take a mouthful of toast. I noticed that Micky was grinning and I could tell that my name alone was going to be the butt of all his jokes. I continued. "I live in a town called Griffith. Iíve got a brother and two sisters, a pet dog and cat and two grandparents. My favourite band is the Beatles." I took another bite of toast.

"The Beatles eh. Theyíre pretty contemporary." Davy noted.

"Yeah I know. Everyone thought I was weird for liking bands from the sixties."

"What music were they into then?" Peter asked

"Well, there are basically two sides to the music scene in Australia 2000. One side is pop and the other is alternative. Alternative is exactly what it means. A different kind of music to the pop music and top 50. A different sound. Itís hard to explain."

"Oh, ok. How old are you?"

"Iím 20. I was born in 1980."

"Iím sorry but I just have to ask this" Micky began "Whatís with youíre name?"

I sighed. It was annoying having to explain my name.

"Ok. I was born on the first of June. So my zodiac sign is Gemini, the twins. And basically the twins signify a dual personality, so my parents thought that they would name me according to my star sign. Black and white. Opposites."

"Oh. That makes sense. I think."

"Well, Ebony." Mike began "We were talkiní last night and we decided that we did believe that you are lost, but weíre not sure about the other stuff. Anyway weíve decided that you can stay here for a while, in the spare bedroom, until you find your feet again. Youíll have to pay rent, once you find a job."

Well, Sophie. Thatís how I ended up here, staying with the Monkees. Itís been pretty weird and I miss my old life.

Iíd better get up. I can hear Peter and Davy in the kitchen. Tonight Iíll tell you about my clothes. Bye.

Love Eb.

12-5-67 again

Dear Sophie,

Well, Iím back. Itís not night time yet, but I was bored so I thought Iíd tell you about my clothes. I got them the day Mike said I could stay. Davy told me that his girlfriend Ashley would give me some clothes, since we were about the same size. He said I couldnít really go round in what I was wearing, which was a pair of jeans and a Hawaiian shirt. So Ashley came round and she took me to her place. It was huge. I think her Dad is the president of some big company. We went up to her room, which was also huge, and she opened her cupboards. There were heaps of clothes!

She started to chuck out dresses from the cupboard on to her bed. I told her that I wasnít really a dress person, and asked if she had some trousers and shorts also. I ended up with 5 dresses, 6 shirts with bottoms and two pairs of shoes. Itís amazing that they all fitted so well! Iím wearing one of her shirts and my jeans at the moment. Iím glad I have my jeans. Itís really the only memento I have from home.

Oh, got to go Soph. Peterís taking me to the library. Talk to you tonight. Bye!



Storybook/ Part 2