Part 15. Opinion of the Day

29-6-67 Fri

Dear Sophie,

Sorry I havenít written in a week. Peter and I have been making up. Well, itís not just that. Iíve been going for jobs a lot. Iím waiting for a reply for a job at a legal firm as a secretary. Everything else has been unsuccessful. Itís quiet depressing actually. No one wants to hire me. Peter said that he would if he were the boss, but he would, wouldnít he. Tomorrow night the guys have another gig. Theyíre getting quite popular.

Tina broke up with Davy the other day. He was quite devastated actually. I think he really liked her. Mike is still with Laura, but I think Micky and Di are skating on thin ice at the moment. From what I could gather from overheard conversation Micky doesnít exactly like the fact that Di wonít sleep with him until theyíre married.

I never really got that commandment. (if thatís what it was) I mean if you really love someone, and itís the right time why should you wait? Itís perfectly natural. What happened with Peter and I wasnít the right time. But when it comes up Iím not going to wait around. But I suppose everyone is entitled to their beliefs and I respect that.

Well thatís my opinion for the day. See ya later.

Love Ebony


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