Part 14. Mike

21-6-67 Thurs

Dear Sophie,

It was Mike at the door. He came and sat on the end of my bed.

"Whatís up?" I asked him

"Thatís what I should be askiní you."

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. You aní Pete have avoided each other all day."


"So, thatís pretty unusual for a couple who just started datiní.

"Is it?"

"Yeah, and donít play dumb with me. I tried talkiní with Pete and he wonít say anythiní so itís down to you. Did you have a fight?"

"No, and why do you care anyway?"

"I care because youíre both my friends. I donít like to see friends hurt."

I smiled. I had no idea Mike could be like this.

"Well, are you goiní to tell me or not?"

"Itís kinda embarrassing."

"Donít worry. I wonít tell. I promise."

"Well, we were on the beach last night and things started getting pretty hotÖ"

"Was it you or him?"

"Me. I didnít really know what to do. Not what, how."

"And now things are awkward."

"Yeah, as you can tell."

"I donít know what to say to him. He didnít speak to me after that."

"Did he say anythiní?"

"Well, after I stopped he asked ĎWhatís wrongí, and I said. Then I said sorry and he said ĎDonít be Ebí. Then we came back inside."

Mike sat there for a while, not saying anything.

"Ok Eb. Iíll talk to him. And remember itís not your fault."


Then he went out. I havenít heard from them yet. They went out on the beach a while ago. I havenít noticed them come back, so I guess theyíre still there.


22-6-67 Fri

Dear Sophie,

I still love him. We sorted things out, with the help of Mike. Well the feelings side anyway. We have to do the rest.

"Iím sorry about the other night Ebony."

"Iím sorry too."


"I sort of stopped pretty suddenly."

"Thatís ok."

"Things were moving pretty fast. I couldnít handle it."

"So, does that mean.."

"I still want to. With you. But not just yet."

"Iíll take it as slow as you want."

"Thank you, Peter."

Then I leant over and kissed him. It was nice. I guess it was a make-up kiss. Iíd heard those were good. Things are back to normal.

Love Ebony


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