Part 16. My hero

1-7-67 Sun

Dear Sophie,

Peter and I were on the beach today, just minding our own business, when a prick came up to bother us.

"Well, if it isnít Black and White." Wally said as he approached us with a bunch of guys and girls. "Be careful. She might hit you with a stick."

"Piss off Wally." I said

"Or what? Youíll beat me up? Thereíre no sticks here."

"Thatís where youíre wrong." I said. Wally looked around. "Thereís one standing in front of me."

Peter laughed.

"Whatís so funny blondy?"

"Nothing." Peter replied

"If I didnít know better Iíd say you were laughing at me."

"Well, brownie, maybe you donít know better."

Thatís where Wally started to get angry. He really started to bother us, and Peter got angry as well. It ended up with Peter hitting Wally in the face. After that we went inside.

"My hero."

"Hero? Me?"

"Yeah, you protected me."

"I thought you were already proficient at protecting yourself."

"Well, I didnít have a tree branch this time. I had you."

Well, Soph. You can guess what happened after that. He took my glasses again. He said they were safe. I still donít know where he puts them, but it must be safe because they havenít been scratched. Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again. Itís a miracle. I know it canít be because of me because Iíve already scratched them. You canít tell when theyíre on though. I scratched them about a week after a I got them, on the bottom of the left lens. Thatís how good I am at looking after things. Well, it depends on what it is. If itís a collection of something, theyíll be looked after. But if itís something like the floor of my roomÖ Lets just say you might have trouble finding the floor. Peter is always on at me to clean it up. I will when I decide itís too messy or I canít find something. Though usually when Iím trying to find something everything gets messier.

Ok, thatís enough rambling on. Iíll leave you for now. Bye!

Love Eb


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