Part 13. Glass of Water

20-6-67 Wed

Dear Sophie,

Well, that glass of water took me to the beach. It was totally secluded and romantic. We talked.

"What did your mum want?"

"Oh, just to say hi. To see how Iím going."

"You were on there for ages it seemed."

"Yeah, she likes to talk."


We walked for a bit longer on the edge of the water, arms around each other. We sat down on the sand and gazed at the moon. He kissed me. I yawned.

"Iím not exciting enough for you?"

"No, Iím just getting tired. Thatís all."

Peter lay down on the sand.

"Those stars are beautiful."

I lay down next to him.

"Yeah, they are."

He took my glasses off. "Can you see them with out your glasses?"

"Theyíre a bit blurry." He leaned over me. "And so are you. Where are they?"


"Theyíd better be. I donít want them scratched. They cost me 200Ö"

Peter interrupted me with a light kiss. "Theyíre safe. Trust me."

I smiled, and kissed him back. I ran my hand through his hair and he put his on my cheek.

If I said things got pretty heated before, it reached boiling point last night.

The kissing became more furious. Peter put his hand up my shirt and had it on my breast. I had my arms around him, one hand under his shirt, on his back and the other in his hair. Somehow he was able to reach under me and take off my bra. It was when he was interested in my breasts I stopped.

"Whatís wrong?"

"I donít knowÖ Iíve never done this kind of thing before."

He got off me and sat up and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Iím sorry."

"No, donít be Eb."

We sat there for a bit, and I put my bra back on. He gave me back my glasses, then we walked back to the beach house in silence.

So it didnít end too well. Weíre sort of avoiding each other today. I donít know what to say to him. My glasses arenít scratched so I guess they were safe. Wherever they were. Someoneís at the door, so Iíll leave you for now. Bye



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