Part 12 Girls Night Out

19-6-67 Tue

Dear Sophie,

I just got back, about 25 mins ago. Peter welcomed me backÖ Weíre not talking about that, althoughÖ No. Iím going to tell you about the girls night out. As it happened it was a great night. Di and Laura share their views with me about Tina, so we got on well. They all wanted to know what itís like living with the guys.

"Itís alright I suppose."

"Alright? You get to see your boyfriend and ours everyday!" exclaimed Di

I smiled. "Well, that is a plus."

"What do people think?" asked Laura


"You living with 4 guys."

""Um, I donít know. They donít say anything. I get my privacy and everything. My relationship with Peter is quite plutonic." I answered matter of factually.

"Plutonic? Really?"

"Well, yeah. We havenít slept together. Yet."

"Davy and I have." Tina interrupted.

"Oh, we didnít really need to know that." Grumbled Di.

"Well, Ebony said that she hadnít."

"Thatís different. Know two people havenít slept together is much better than knowing they have."

At this point in time those three got into an argument about what you could and couldnít tell people. It turned out that Laura and Di hadnít slept with Mike and Micky, which made feel better. Di didnít believe in sex before marriage, and Laura was waiting for the right time, as was I. Once Tina had gone we decided that she must have slept with Davy pretty soon after they started dating.

I couldnít help wondering if the guys were having similar conversations about us while we were gone. I got home at 10. Not too late because Laura and Di had to work.

When I came in the others were still up. Peter followed me into my room, and he pinned me down on the bed and kissed me. We fooled around on my bed for a while, and it got pretty heated. Something was almost going to happen, but Davy interrupted us. Phone call for Pete. His mother. Heís still on the phone now. Should I wait for him to finish, or go to bed? I think the others have gone to bed. Iíll get up and get a drink of water, and see where it takes me. Till tomorrow, bye!

Love Eb


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