Part 11. Swimming

17-6-67 Sun

Dear Sophie,

Today I read back through my letters. Theyíre pretty interesting. Iíve been here 5 months now. Do you think things have gone too quickly between Peter and me, or do you think they went too slow?

I still havenít got a job. It doesnít really matter now. The guys are getting a regular income.

Peter just came in. Now he knows about you. He probably wants to read. Should I let him? Not yet. Maybe when weíre more serious. He wants me to come swimming, so Iíll go for now. Ciao!

Love Eb


Dear Sophie,

Remember on the camp out Peter pinned me down in the swimming hole, and was about to kiss me? Well, that happened again, but this time we werenít interrupted.

Yes he does want to read you.

"Can I read your diary?"

"What do you think?"

"Worth a try."

"Maybe one day. Probably."

He smiled then chased after me again.

About 10 minutes later Davy and Micky joined us with their girlfriends.

We ended up having a sand fight and me hiding behind Peter. It was fun. Mickyís new girlfriend is nice. Her name is Diana. Davyís girlfriend is still Tina.

A while later we were drying off on the sand.

"Your hair is getting long." Peter said, combing his fingers through it.

"It grows fast. I might chop it off again."

"No, donít. I like you with long hair."

"This isnít long hair. It used to be halfway down my back."

"Why did you cut it off?"

"Itís easier to manage short."

"Well, I think you should grow it out some more."

"Maybe for you."

Looks like Iím growing my hair out more. Oh well, what we do for love eh?


18-6-67 Mon

Dear Sophie,

Iíve been invited to a girls night out with Tina, Laura and Diana tomorrow night. The others say I should go, so I suppose I will. Iím looking forward to seeing Laura and Diana, but not Tina. She is so patronising. She acts as if sheís better than everyone else. I donít know what Davy sees in her. No, wait I do. Long brown hair, blue eyes, tiny waist. You get the picture. Anyway, Iíll fill you in later. Ciao

Love Eb


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