Chapter 4

The Monkees sat on the couch in the living room discussing the days events. “What’s up with you, Mike.” Asked Davy. “I give up what?” he answered dryly. “Well, it just seems a little strange that you just let two girls move in with us.” Micky explained. “Is that a complaint, Micky?” Mike asked. “Oh no! No, No, NO I’m actually very happy now that there’s girls in the house, but it just seemed a little out of character.” He answered. “Out of character!” Mike bellowed. “Do you think I would put two young girls out on the street by themselves, with no money?!? Besides, we could use their help around here.” “They aren’t to bad to look at either!” Davy added. “Now guys you can’t be goin’ all ga-ga over them!” Mike warned. “Oh, come on Mike, we all saw the way you were lookin’ at Erin.” Micky joked. “Shut up, Dolenz! You’ve got no room to talk. I saw the look on your face when you laid eyes on Goldie.” Peter’s face fell. He really liked Goldie, and it seemed like she liked him too. But he wasn’t sure he could compete with Micky for a girl. Micky was funny and carefree and girls usually fell for him, but he on the other hand, had never had very good luck with girls. As a matter of fact, Peter had never even had a girlfriend. Just then the girls wandered into the room in their pajamas. “Aww, don’t they look cute?” Micky cooed. Goldie rolled her eyes at him. “Dork!” Micky stuck is tongue out at her. “Oh that’s real mature.” Erin said dryly. “Yep, she’s perfect for Mike.” Peter whispered loudly. “I heard that!” Erin and Mike said in unison. The room erupted in laughter. “So what are you guys doin’ tomorrow?” Erin asked. “Well nothin’ for the day, but we have a gig at the Vicent at night.” Mike answered. “You should come watch us.” Micky suggested. “Well, Duh!” Erin replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Mike smiled at her. “God he looks so good when he smiles!” she though. “What about you two? Do you have plans?” Davy asked. “Well we figured we better go out and look for jobs, so we can help with the rent and maybe fix up our room.” Goldie told them. “Well, I think I’m gonna like having you girls around after all.” Mike said happily. “Gee thanks.” Erin said mildly hurt. “Aww, come on you know I was just jokin’.” He apologized.

“Well we’re off to bed, boys.” Goldie announced after a few minutes. “Yeah, I suppose we should do the same. We need our beauty sleep.” Mike joked. “Yes, yes you do!” Goldie giggled. “Hey!” he yelled after he realized what she meant. “No, but seriously, Mike, thanks a ton for letting us move in with you!” she said. “Yeah, I don’t know what we would have done if you had turned us away!” Erin added. “It’s no big deal.” He answered quietly. Both girls kissed him goodnight (on the cheek of course what kind of people do you think we are?) “Goodnight, Peter.” Goldie called seductively. He giggled and then said “Night babe!” “Good night, Goldie.” Micky said desperately. “Night, Micky.” She answered not so seductively. Micky felt a streak of jealousy run through him. “I know Pete’s my best friend, but this girl does something to me. I’ve gotta have her. Peter has never been very good with the ladies, he’s bound to screw it up sooner or later.” Micky thought. They all finished saying goodnight and went off to their bedrooms.

“I’ve chosen a favorite!” Goldie announced as soon as the door was shut. “Hmm, let me guess which one.” Erin said sarcastically. “Peter, Peter, Peter!” Goldie sang oblivious to her friend’s sarcasm. “Duh!” Erin replied flatly. “Jealous?” Goldie asked in a really annoying voice. “Of you?” Erin asked defensively. “I guess I wish I had your flirting ability when it comes to Mike. “ she admitted quietly. “Just chill out, babe! It’s all gotta come natural ya know?” Goldie told her encouragingly. “Yeah, I guess. But you and Peter hit it off right away. I wish I could do that. “ Erin sighed. “Hey consider yourself lucky, you know how these stories go. I’m bound to get my heart broken sooner or later.” Goldie joked. Erin’s lips curved into a weak smile. “Hey, lets do the African Booty Dance!” Goldie suggested. (Author’s Note: The African Booty Dance actually does exist. My older sister and on of her friends came up with it one day while swimming. Erin and I perfected it and named it! We’ve been doing it ever since.) Erin’s weak smile turned into a huge grin. “Mmk,” She said hessitantly. “but lock the door so the guys don’t walk in on us or something.” “I can’t, there’s not a lock. But don’t worry, the guys all went to bed.” Goldie assured her. The both instantly busted out dancing. After about five minutes they were really getting into it and didn’t hear the knock on their door.

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