Chapter 3

“Mike, I’m hungry.” Micky whined. “Well, Micky my boy, you’re in lucky. ‘Cause we cook.” I revealed happily. “Well, that’s just wonderful!” Davy squealed in excitement. “Good food at last!” Peter added. He was so much like a little boy, but he wasn’t stupid or slow like everyone always made him out to be. “What can you cook?” Mike asked skeptically. “Food.” Erin replied as we made our way to the kitchen. “Mike, we need some money!” Erin announced after we had inspected every last cupboard. “Why?” he asked hesitantly. “Well, do you guys ever go shopping?” I asked sarcastically. “Only for the bare essentials.” “That’s why!” Erin answered. “Well how much do ya need?” “Twenty should do it.” I answered not realizing we were in the 60s. “TWENTY DOLLARS!” he repeated with a horrified expression. “That’s a lot of money for groceries. Plus I’ve only got ten” “That’ll do I suppose.” That night we all sat down to as lovely dinner of my famous spaghetti with homemade sauce and garlic bread. “Man, this (slurp) so (slurp) good.” Micky mumbled between chews. “I’m sure the table agrees with you!” Erin replied directing our attention to a big glob of sauce and spit in the middle of the table. I immediately started to gag. “That’s really gross!” I yelled as I jumped away from the table. “Sorry.” Micky apologized with a sheepish grin. I rolled my eyes at him. “Don’t worry about it.”

After we finished dinner, Mike and Peter were happily doing the dishes, Micky and Peter were kicked back on the couch watching TV, and I saw the perfect opportunity to talk to Erin alone. “What the hell is going on?” I asked once we were safely in our room. “I don’t know, but I’m not complain’. Did you see how hot Mike looked in person?” “Ohh this is so cool! We are living with the Monkees. I mean, it’s a dream come true!” I said happily. Erin’s face fell. “Maybe that’s all this is. Just a dream.” “We’re having the same exact dream at the same exact time?” I asked doubtfully. “Ok it’s real.” She admitted. “Aaah, this is so cool. I mean how long have we been wanting to do this, thinking it was impossible. And now we’re here, living with the MONKEES! How lucky are we?” I just couldn’t stop raving about it. “Ok, Gold, shut up! You’re gonna get us caught.” Erin warned. “Ok, hey how are we gonna live. Do we even have clothes?” “Just then there was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” I asked seductively. I heard a chuckle from the other side of the door. “It’s Peter, and I’ve got something for you!” he answered in the same seductive tone. “Oh my god, Goldie, we’ve been here like 2 hours and you’re already flirting like crazy.” Erin whispered. “Can’t help it.” I argued. “Are you gonna open the door?” she asked. “Dramatic pause. Adds to the affect.” I stated matter-of-factly. She rolled her eyes at me. Just then I whipped open the door. “Whatcha got for me?” I licked my top lip and waved my eyebrows. “Your luggage!” he giggled. I sighed in mock disappointment. Peter smiled at me, and bounded off to the living room. “Hey we have luggage!” I announced as if Erin hadn’t seen the whole thing. “Ooh should be fun discovering what we packed.” she said happily. “How do we know which is whose?” I asked. “Easy!” she answered. “The colors are a dead give away. The yellow ones are yours and the purple ones are mine.” “Oh.” I was amazed at Erin’s ability to figure this stuff out. She always had been the one with common sense. Now I was beginning to see why she had a thing for Mike. We sat down on our beds and opened our mysterious suitcases. “Whoever packed these things had an amazing sense of style.” I said holding up a pair of dark blue bellbottoms and a baby blue peasant top. “Yep, they even got the sizes right.” We had everything we needed and more. An extensive wardrobe, underware, pajamas, toiletries, accessories, makeup, I mean everything, and it was all specific to our individual styles. We each found matching lockets with our pictures in them. I picked up the piece of paper that they were wrapped in and read it out loud. “Follow your heart! Keep these lockets on at all times, removing them will cause prompt return to the ‘real world’.” We both immediately fastened the necklaces around our necks. “Does that mean we can stay here as long as we want?” I asked. “I sure hope so!” She answered. “Hey you and me both. I mean our dreams have come true and we have complete control over it. Could life get any better?”

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