Chapter 5

Micky Dolenz stood outside the guest bedroom with his ear pressed to the door and a devious grin on his face. Mike had instructed him to take some blankets and pillows down to them, but when he got there he heard loud giggles and Xena-esque war cries. (Yes, I know they didn’t have Xena in the 60s but how else would you like me to describe it?) He stood there for a few minutes contemplating whether or not to go in. “They might get upset,” he thought, “but on the other hand they could be naked. I can’t pass up this opportunity.” He decided. DUH! He slowly turned the doorknob and crept inside the room, being careful not to make any noise. It was all he could do to keep himself from laughing. They were jumping around with their arms flailing wildly. He quickly concocted a plan to humiliate them. He crept out quickly, leaving the door open a crack. He stopped in from of the stairs to let out a suppressed giggle, and then quickly bounded up them to the bedroom he shared with Mike. “Hey Mike, you gotta come with me to the girls’ room.” “Why?” Mike mumbled half-asleep. “Just trust me, you can’t miss this.” Micky answered. Mike sighed and pulled back the covers, realizing he’d never get any sleep unless he did what his friend said. Micky hurried to Davy and Peter’s room, they immediately agreed and all four of them crept down the stairs. “What’s that noise?” Peter asked, clearly frightened. “You gotta see.” Micky giggled. The four of them each stuck their heads through the door way to see the girls still wildly dancing on top of their beds. Davy let out a throaty snort and Peter doubled over in giggles. “I told you ya couldn’t miss this.” Micky whispered. Even Mike couldn’t hold back his laughter. After watching them for a few moments, the guys burst through the door and started to imitate their dancing. The girls stopped dead in their tracks, the same look or horror and embarrassment across both their faces. “What do you think you’re doing?” Erin asked angrily. “Dancing, love!” Davy answered oblivious to her anger. “What were you spying on us?” Goldie yelled. “No, Mike told me to bring you some blankets and stuff, and I walked in on you. I figured the guys couldn’t miss it, so I-“ “Oh so as if it wasn’t enough to humiliate us by you’re self, you had to go get the rest of them?” Goldie interrupted. Her yelling had turned into full blown screaming by now. “Goldie maybe you should calm down.” Erin suggested quietly. Goldie shot her a shut-up-I-have-a-plan look. Erin caught on right away. “We’re really sorry. We didn’t mean to upset you.” Mike apologized. “I’ve heard enough!” Goldie snapped. “Get out of my sight!” “But-“ Peter protested. Erin just waved them away. All four of them hung their heads in shame as they filed out the door. Once the door was closed, Goldie collapsed onto her bed. “This should be interesting!” she cackled. (Hmmm, cackled, cackled. Is that even a word? I hope so, if it’s not I’m making a fool out of myself.) “Why did you make them think we were that mad at them?” Erin asked. “Because, if they think we’re mad at them, they’ll be falling all over themselves to make it up to us. They’ll be waiting on us hand and foot. I’ll be good money that they make us breakfast in to morning.” “You’re evil!” Erin joked. “That’s why you love me.”

Early the next morning, Mike, Peter, Micky, and Davy were all crammed into the kitchen fixing breakfast for the girls. “I really hope they forgive us soon.” Peter said quietly. “Me too, good buddy, they seemed really upset last night.” Mike agreed. “Look, guys, I’m really sorry for dragging you into all of this.” Micky apologized. “Don’t worry about it, Mick, there’s nothing we an do about it, except, apologize, make them breakfast, and hope that they forgive us soon.” Davy stated comfortingly. “Aww, I know but it should be a trip living with ‘em. They’ve only been here one day and we’re already in the doghouse.” Micky joked. “Hey guys guess what. Breakfast is done!” Mike announced. “Mmm, smells good.” Someone mumbled from behind them. “Aww, Erin, you ruined the surprise.” Davy whined. She made a face at him. “Well, sorry!” she said. “I have an idea though, why don’t I go back into my room, and get back into bed and act like I’m really surprised when you come and wake me up!” “Ok!” Peter agreed. Erin walked over to him, put her hands on his shoulders, and sighed deeply. “Peter honey,” she began, “Does the word sarcasm mean anything to you.” The three remaining Monkees burst out laughing at him. He looked like he was about to cry. “Oh, come on guys, don’t laugh at him.” Erin said sympathetically. “Oh, Pete, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to humiliate you.” She apologized. He looked up at her with a triumphant grin. “Now you know how it feels.” He said. “Alright you got me! I forgive you guys.” She admitted. “Where’s, Goldie?” Micky asked. “Still a lifeless lump of blankets in bed.” Erin yawned. “I’ll get her up!” Peter and Micky volunteered at the same time. “No, I’ll get her up!” Mike announced to prevent any conflict. He walked into the girls’ bedroom to find a lump of covers just like Erin had described. “She’s gotta be in there somewhere!” he thought to himself. “Goldie” he called softly. Nothing. He peeled the blankets back to her neck. “Goldie.” He repeated a little louder. “What!” she mumbled. “It’s time to get up.” He replied gently. “Oh, ok just five more minutes.” She pleaded. “Nope, everyone is waiting.” He said in the same calm tone. “Mmm go away.” She muttered, pulling the covers back over her head. “Goldie, I’m gonna count to three and if you’re not up I’m gonna get you up.” He warned a little louder than he intended. “Ok.” Mike sighed. “1…..2……3……” he counted slowly. He waited a moment and then threw back her covers, and picked her up off the bed. “What are you doing.” She cried. “Getting you up!” He smiled triumphantly at her. He carried her into the kitchen and plopped her down on one of the stools. “Alright, I’m up!” She yelled. Peter, Micky, Davy, and Erin all started to laugh at her. “What are you laughing at?” she snarled. They all immediately shut up. “So, tell me Papa Nez, what the point of that?” she asked, apparently very annoyed. “We made you breakfast!” he said cheerfully. She glared at him, and them calmly said, “I hate you!” “Oh, I love ya too!” he said as he came up behind her and gave her a big, sloppy, wet kiss on the cheek. “Mike!” she screamed in horror. “Whatever you made, it sure smells good.” Erin said sniffing the air. “Yeah, it better be worth it.” Goldie added as she wiped Mike’s drool off her face. “I hope you know, you’re gonna seriously pay for that!” she announced. “Bring it on!” he replied in a really annoying cocky tone. “Alright you two, break it up!” Peter instructed, stepping back into his familiar peacemaker role. Davy served both girls a big plate of pancakes, bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs. When he sat Goldie’s plate in front of her, she turned pale. Erin glanced at her. Goldie shot her a desperate look. “Is something wrong?” Peter asked looking up from his food. “Um-“ she began but she was quickly interrupted. “Goldie, I need to talk to you!” Erin grabbed Goldie’s arm and dragged her out to the deck. “Didn’t you tell them you’re a vegetarian?” she asked. “I forgot.” Goldie answered quietly. “Would it kill you to humor them? I mean they put so much effort into this. A little meat is not going to kill you.” Erin asked. “Fine, I’ll eat it. But after that, you have to tell them that I’m a vegetarian.” Goldie agreed. “Deal!” Erin said happily. They walked back into the kitchen arm and arm, giggling. “So, which one of us were you talking about?” Micky mumbled with his mouth full. “Uh, definitely not you, your table manners are appalling.” Goldie joked in disgust. She didn’t notice the hurt look on his face, but she did notice Peter’s smile. (His dimples are so damn cute how could she not notice?) Goldie sat down, and choked down every last bite of bacon and sausage. She even managed not to puke in the process. “Mmm, that was delicious, Mike.” Erin complimented patting her full stomach. “Thanks, but we all made it.” He replied humbly. “Oh really, I always thought Mike was the only one that cooked.” Goldie said with a puzzled expression. Later that day . . . . .

“Guys we’re back!” Erin called. No answer. “Guys?” Goldie repeated. “Where are they?” Erin asked. Goldie shrugged and walked out onto the deck. “They’re not on the beach.” She announced coming back in. “Maybe they went out to eat or something.” Erin suggested. She was slightly hurt at the thought of the guys going out without them, but she quickly recovered. “God, I have to pee!” Goldie yelled as she bolted for the bathroom next to the guest bedroom. Erin laughed to herself and went to their bedroom to change. She walked in to find the room painted and decorated beautifully. She gasped deeply when she heard a scream from the bathroom.

Goldie ran to the bathroom and shoved the door open, undoing her pants all the way. There were no windows in the bathroom, so she couldn’t see anything. She finally flicked the lights on when her pants were around her ankles. And she screamed at what she saw. All four Monkees were staring at her, snickering. “Get out, I have to pee.” She screamed. They all doubled over laughing. “What’s wrong?” Erin yelled barging in. She immediately started to laugh when she saw the guys all staring at a half-naked Goldie. “Guy’s get out before she pees on the floor.” She laughed.

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